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Article Summary

Drug Abuse and Addiction for Non-Addictive Drugs

Some prescription or non-addictive drugs are used by some people without recognizing their negative effects like addiction whereas they may cause problems for others in their relationships at home, work and even school which may lead to a shameful, isolated and dependent life.

There are available various helping hands in the society these days that can take care of you, your friends or family members if they are suffering with the problems of non-addictive drug abuse. Alongwith treating your problems, these institutions also literate you with the facts about the reasons of the problem and its development in the life of an individual which can make it easy to deal with the problem more effectively. Some of the information in this regard is provided in this article for your reference.

Understanding drug abuse, and addiction

People usually try various non-addictive drugs for various reasons as some try them to imitate their friends who use it whereas some out of curiosity or to have good time or to ease their stresses or depression or to improve their performance in athletic meets. Neither every use of these drugs may lead to their abuse nor there is a fixed standard that can define that casual use of drug has now become challenging as it depends on every individual's nature. The addiction and abuse of the drug is more linked to the results of their use than with the quantity and frequency of the use of drug. The problems in your routine relationships are clear indication of being involved into the problem of drug addiction or abuse irrespective of the frequency and quantity of drug you take.

Reasons of different effect of drug abuse on different people

Receptiveness to drug addiction differs from every individual in similar manner as the effects of various other diseases and other conditions differ. Personal mental health, genes, family history and social environment etc. are the essential factors that effect their vulnerability to the drug addiction. Here are certain risk factors that can increase the chances of being addicted to the drug abuse like family history of drug addiction, neglected behavior in childhood, mental disorders etc. Sometimes addiction to any drug depends upon the method of using it like injecting or smoking the drug.

Effect of drug abuse on the brain

The compulsive abuse of drugs creates disorders of complex nature known as addiction. Though every drug affects you body in different manner but one thing is similar with all the substances that are usually abused that the functioning and appearance of mental status of the person using them repeatedly gets changed.

The level of dopamine in your brain increases abruptly with the use of non-addictive drugs which help in increasing the feeling of pleasure and contentment and their brain remembers those feelings to instigate the people to use these drugs repeatedly. The addiction to these drugs makes them as important for the addicted person like eating the food for their survival. Their ability to do work, making good judgments, behavioral controls to look normal get effected due to the change in the state of brain due to these drugs. Irrespective of the quality of the non-addictive drugs, craving to use them become uncontrollably significant for them as compared to other important things in their life including family, friend, own health and even their career. The strong urge for these drugs compels your mind to refuse the ways to rationalize your dependence on drugs.

Reasons of developing drug abuse and addiction

People who take non-addictive drugs as an experiment usually continue to use them mainly due to they stop feeling bad things in their life and feel better than before. People may yell on you on your increasing use of drugs but the repeated use of drugs will not let you care for them as drugs have become more important for you till then. Some people who remain stressed the entire time find the drugs more valuable for them as they find them suitable for their state of mind and become dependent on them with their repeated use. Some people who use drugs to fill up the emptiness in their life are more prone to be addicted to these non-addictive drugs even by using them casually as they will not know when they will get addicted to them.

Thus, even non-addictive drugs can cause addiction with their abuse.

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