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Article Summary

Meth Side Effects

Meth Addiction

One of the main side effects of Meth forms i.e. crystal meth is addiction. Meth is so addictive because it causes one to feel great as it promotes dependence. Meth high can last for 12 hours which gives addicts a powerful mental and physical feeling that is unmatched by many drugs. However, as one continues to use the drug, the starting dosage is no longer effective in terms of producing the initial desired feeling. One therefore has to increase the dosage in order to continue getting the same high/effect. This often leads to one becoming an addict without even realising.

As addiction starts, Meth new addicts begin to care less about certain important areas of life i.e. work, family, personal hygiene e.t.c. Getting high is the only thing that matters. It is important to note that higher doses have harmful side effects towards the brain thus the chances of an addict being able to pull out of addiction without outside help are close to none. Meth addicts continue to seek happiness and pleasure that can't really be achieved. This leads to a very bad vicious circle which eventually leads to serious health effects or even death. It is impossible to function normally as a Meth addict without the drug which is one of the main reason why the drug is so addictive.

Meth side effects towards the body

Meth alters the production of dopamine, a brain chemical or neurotransmitter. This in turn causes a build-up of the chemical, dopamine in the brain. Dopamine has a very important role in terms of dictating how the brain interprets pleasure and experiences. Dopamine also plays a role in motivation and reward and motor functioning. Dopamine in the brains reward regions is therefore responsible for giving Meth addicts false rewards i.e. euphoria.

Meth addicts experience dramatic changes in terms of brain functioning. According to numerous studies done on brains of Meth addicts, chronic methamphetamine addicts were found to have dopamine system activity that changed significantly to seriously undermine how their brain conducted verbal learning and performed motor skills. In summary, Meth severely affects how the brain is structured and also how it functions especially in regards to memory and emotions which explains why chronic Meth abusers/addicts develop cognitive and emotional difficulties. Meth abusers stand the risk of being addicted when molecular and chemical changes take place in the brain. Most of these brain changes remain the same even after an abuser has stopped taking Meth. A chronic abuser therefore stands a chance of suffering from permanent brain damage. It is however important to note that most brain changes can be reversed with proper medical care i.e. during rehabilitation.

Meth withdrawal side effects

Meth has a number of withdrawal side effects. Some of these side effects can last for days while others can last longer i.e. weeks, months or even years. The severity of withdrawal side effects or symptoms is dictated by the time one has spent as a Meth addict i.e. chronic addicts experience longer withdrawal symptoms. Some of the common Meth withdrawal symptoms include, agitation, Anhedonia which is inability to experience any kind of pleasure, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia moodiness, strong craving for Meth and hunger. Withdrawal symptoms such as hunger cause most Meth addicts to gain a lot of weight because of eating too much.

To be able to deal with the above withdrawal side effects or symptoms better, it is always advisable to join enter a drug addiction program especially if your withdrawal side effects are severe.

Drug rehabilitation programs are the best because they are conducted by professionals who help addicts cope throughout their withdrawal process. Rehabilitation programs are also good because they guide Meth addicts on how to live a drug-free life when all the withdrawal symptoms have gone. Meth drug rehab programs involve; exercise, nutritional guidance, counselling or talk therapy e.t.c.

It is important to note that even when all withdrawal symptoms linked to Meth are gone, addicts still need to deal with emotional turmoil and strong cravings of the drug which last a long time. In most cases, cravings can last for years after a person quits meth use.

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