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Article Summary

Risks of Meth in Children

Methamphetamine is the type of drug that acts as a stimulant and it is a very addictive drug that makes its abusers to wake up in the mornings craving for it. It is commonly known as the meth. The meth drug can be ingested, snorkeled, smoked, injected or inhaled. This drug is the kind of drug that makes the user have a false feeling of euphoria that is, the addict gets a false feeling of self esteem and importance. A person can become an addict just by taking a single dose of meth.

The use of this drug is very dangerous as it contains a lot of toxic materials that are highly destructive to the human body system. The use of this drug makes the abuser become disoriented and disorganized. This drug also has a higher negative impact of destroying and breaking down the nervous system in the body. Some of the Negative Effects of Meth on Children

The Negative Effects of Meth on Children

The drug meth has a lot of negative effects on children both directly and indirectly. Some of the direct negative effects of meth on children are as follows:

1. Through Inhalation: children suffer from the negative effects of meth through inhalation. When children are living in a house where the adults also living in the house are addicts that have turned the house into an illegal laboratory, they get exposed to the dangers of meth through inhalation.

2. The children of meth abusers can also suffer from neglect, malnutrition, sexual abuse, violence, accidental swallowing of any of the toxic materials that is used in the making of the meth drug in the illegal laboratory.

3. Children may also suffer from the use of meth by their Parents or their Caregivers through the contamination of the food of the toxic materials.

4. It can also result in the death of children as the Parents and Caregivers who may be high on the meth drug may angrily hit children in such a way that the child may fall down, hit his or her head on the ground and then dies.

5. It can result into fire burns on the children as the illegal meth laboratory that is being carried on in the homes of these children can explode and get burnt.

6. The continuous exposure of these children to the fumes or vapors of the toxic materials that are used in producing meth can become cancerous to the children.

Indirect Negative Effects of Meth on Children

Some of the Indirect Negative Effects of Meth on children are as follows:

1. The children living in environments where meth are being produced illegally get confused as to why their Parents or Caregivers behave the way they do that is in violent ways or bursts of temper.

2. It can also lead to the child being taken by the Child Law Enforcement and thereby being put into Foster Homes as a way of protecting the child from the violent or abusive tendencies of their meth addicted Caregivers or Parents.

3. Failure of the parents to take good care of the safety of the children as a result of always been high on the meth drug.

4. It makes the child that is older than the other children take up the role of the provider for the other younger children.

Additional Effects of Meth on Children

Children that are living with meth dependent parents also tend to have social problems as they tend to be withdrawn, shy, have a feeling of low self esteem etc. children in this kind of situation or condition also suffer from emotional depravity as their parents usually do not have time to show them the sort of love that they deserve.

The children are also exposed to a lot of other dangers like electrocution from poor wirings in the home, broken legs or other body parts which is usually as a result of the booby traps that are used by the parents to conceal the illegal meth laboratories that are to be found in their homes.

It is safer and by far better to take children away from such living environments as it exposes the children to a lot of negative health hazards and in serious cases to death. It is advisable that children should be taken away when they are still very young and have not yet developed strong feelings for their parents or if they have, they should be educated on why they must be taken to a new place of living.

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