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Article Summary

The Various Illegal Forms of Meth

Methamphetamine is a form of illegal drugs that is a Psycho Stimulant in nature and it is commonly referred to as meth. It is made from prescription pills like the cough syrup to substances that are found at home. It is a very cheap kind of drug that a person can get addicted to as it is very easy to make. It is also another form of drug that is found easily on the street unlike the cocaine drug.

Users or addicts of meth drug wake up in the morning with the urge to take the drug and they also take it at regular intervals that range from every three (3) hours to a period of every four (4) hours. The abusers of this drug start abusing it by first ingesting it after which they advance to snorkeling it then later to smoking it after which they get to the final stage of injecting it.

The users of this drug find it very difficult to stop or to even go for rehabilitation. The users of this type of drug get high easily as the body system finds it difficult to metabolize the drug hence it stays longer in the system and it also damages the body system very fast.

There are many side effects of this drug and some of such of its side effects include the loosening of the teeth from the gum or the outright falling of the teeth from the gum of the addict. This is commonly known as meth Mouth. Another side effect of this drug is the inability of the abusers to coordinate whatever that they want to do and also the inability of the abusers of the drug to be unable to stay at a place because it causes restlessness.

Meth drug is in such a form that is powdery but it is not as smooth in its powdery form as cocaine is. Meth drug can also be like broken glass and this type of meth is known as the Ice Meth.

Meth drug when used gives the abuser of the drug a false feeling of self importance or a false feeling of self esteem. It also creates a high libido rate in the abuser of the drug. This drug is the most common kind of drug that is abused and it is the drug that people get addicted to quite easily.

Ingredients Commonly Used in the making of the Meth

The following are the common ingredients that are used in making meth drug:

The Prescription Drugs: the prescription drugs that are usually bought over the counter like the cough syrup are used in making meth. Some Chemicals found around the home and laboratories like the acid found in batteries, fuel found from the lantern and cleaners used for cleaning drains.

The Illegal Forms of Meth

There are many illegal forms of meth and such forms of illegal meth are as follows:

1. It can be in powder form and the color varies depending on the way that it was illegally manufactured or produced. The color can be green, blue, pink or yellow. The smell of this type of meth is very bad as it smells like urine or even as eggs that are rotten. An illegal meth laboratory can be identified with any of these smells. This type of meth is usually snorted or smoked when in this form.

2. Meth can also be in chunk forms known as Ice. This kind of meth is not in a powder form. Meth in this form is like fragments of broken glass and when in this form, it is usually heated by the abuser or addict to inhale it. The color of this type of meth can be Bluish White or it can be colorless at times. It is usually odorless when being heated.

3. Meth can also be in the form of pills that can be ingested straight into the body system. The color of this type of meth in the form of pills is normally Reddish Brown while the weight is about 90 (ninety) Milligrams. It is however to be noted that meth is a fast intoxicating drug and its negative side effect is very fast in showing on the body and it can also be very harmful to the body.

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