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Article Summary

Ibogaine: Can It Help To Beat Addiction?

For anybody not familiar with this controversial drug, ibogaine is a natural substance that is found in a variety of different plants associated with the Apocynaceae family, known more commonly as Iboga. This substance has been used for thousands upon thousands of years in different cultures for spiritual purposes due to its psychedelic qualities.

However, in recent years thanks to certain ibogaine drug testing and research being conducted, experts have found that the substance ibogaine, may actually possess anti addictive qualities, and could possibly be used to help treat substance abuse problems. It has affectionately been nick named as, "the drug that can rehab drug addiction".

It should however be noted that it is an extremely highly controlled substance in the US as well as many other parts of the world, and is actually classified as a schedule 1 drug by the FDA. This basically means that it is not readily available to purchase by the general public. It is however, legal in some other countries, including Canada.

Ibogaine drug testing to help cure addiction

As mentioned earlier, scientists and other experts conducted a number of different tests on the drug ibogaine, and found that there was a very strong case to suggest that the drug may possess anti addictive qualities and could be used to help treat and cure addiction to other dangerous substances, such as heroin and crack cocaine.

The drug has not been tested on many people but the results have proved to be extremely encouraging, with doctors and patients testing the drug, claiming that it has "worked wonders". They found that the more common side effects associated with substance abuse, addiction and withdrawal, had been reduced greatly, and even fully banished in some cases.

Because of this, experts have decided to conduct further tests to help determine for certain whether ibogaine can work in curing drug and substance addiction.

What is the chemistry behind ibogaine?

Scientists and doctors have a theory based on their findings, that drug dependency is actually rooted to your brain, more specifically, the cerebellum, which is the area in your brain, in which dreams, memory, and coordination meet. Ibogaine supporters claim that it works by tapping into part of your brain and telling it that it no longer requires the substances that it has been craving for so long. It is thought to possess similar qualities to mephedrone, which is commonly used to treat heroin and opiate addiction.

What are the dangers of taking ibogaine?

As we mentioned earlier, the substance is banned in many parts of the world, and some say with good reason too. Ibogaine has been known to possess many rather nasty side effects which include, Sickness and nausea, feelings of fear and paranoia, short term memory loss, dry mouth, potential brain damage, and even cardiac arrhythmias, which have been known to be fatal. Because of this, extreme caution when dealing with this substance has been advised, and further studies and tests are still ongoing to help make ibogaine safer, and also to prove once and for all whether it is actually effective when treating drug addiction.

Ibogaines psychedelic qualities

As ibogaine has been found to possess psychedelic and mind altering qualities, it has been known to induce a very powerful altered state of mind in a person, for at least two days. This has been known as the awakened dream state, where individuals using the substance have reported that they found themselves with vital insights into their drug addiction problems, and other unhealthy behaviour. This was found to occur during the first few hours of ibogaine administration, where both a person's unconscious, and conscious parts of the mind merged together as one, resulting in an awakened dream affect. This has been found to bring memories of the persons past to the surface, so that it is fresh in their minds, even events that they may not have been conscious of at the time of them happening. Many believe that this basically has the same results of therapy, just in a matter of hours rather than months, or even years.

Can ibogaine show up in a drugs test?

As ibogaine is banned in many places, it should not be used at any time without medical prescription. If you do have a prescription but are worried about ibogaine affecting results of other drug tests, then it should be noted that it does not show up on any simple drug test results, so the results should not be compromised.

Drug addiction is a terrible cross to bear, and the early results associated with ibogaine drug testing for the sole purpose of curing addiction, have been relatively positive. However, it is a powerful mind altering substance possessing many dangerous, sometimes fatal side effects, so it should not be endorsed or used to treat addiction without a lot more tests and research being carried out. We hope you have found this article useful and informative.

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