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Article Summary

Holistic Treatment

Holistic drug and alcohol rehab programs accomplish sobriety through the process of medical detox for acute withdrawal, body cleansing detox, nutrition, life repair therapy, plans to repair relationships and regain trust, life and coping skill therapy, locating triggers and learning how to manage them, relapse prevention training and other holistic treatment activities.

How Addiction Starts

Drugs are in almost every corner of our society today. Most people try drugs for a variety of reasons such as: curiosity, to fit in, peer pressure, boredom, experimentation, or even for seeking adventure.

The vast majority of people that use drugs or alcohol and have become addicted from prolonged exposure, say that they were happy and well adjusted before they began using drugs. The vast majority of people addicted to drugs also say that they had a lot of fun "partying" in the beginning but had no idea that they could one day become completely controlled by the substances that once gave them pleasure. You could say that most addicts got that way by something that was fun in the initial stages but were completely ignorant about the long term effects of addictive substances. As addicts they will also tell you, it is not fun anymore and I want to stop but I cannot seem to do it on my own.

Getting Help for Addiction

Most addicts are so chemically imbalanced by the toxic substances, that they are incapable of seeking out help even though deep down they want it. Often the only way to get an addict into treatment is for the family to retain the services of a professional interventionist to initiate the process of a family intervention. Intervention is the best bet to get the addict into a holistic drug treatment program.

Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment

No addict wants to be one. With the help of a holistic treatment regimen, a person will be safely gotten off the drugs. Once the person is off the drugs, of course they behave normally again. Do not expect to see speedy results. It usually takes about a month of healing both physically and psychologically to begin to see the benefits. Once a person is off drugs for an extended period and receiving treatment, you can begin to see the wonderful person you know and love. No one has to continue to suffer from the error of becoming addicted to drugs. With proper treatment, the mistake of addiction can be corrected with the help of a holistic alcohol and drug treatment program.

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