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Article Summary

Serious Hazards Associated With GHB

While there are many people who claim they only use drugs recreationally, and are not addicted, there are a good percentage of those people who just don't recognize their addiction. It doesn't matter what the substance is, whether it's prescription medication, alcohol, or cocaine; addiction is often a powerful and ominous force. There are also certain types of drugs that you may only hear about in the context of someone being taken advantage of. For example, GHB is notorious for being labeled the "date rape" drug. In that description, it seems that most people don't take this drug purposefully and become addicted to it, it's more so a drug used without a person's knowledge in order to debilitate them and then to put them into harm's way. This is a grave miscalculation, GHB is used and abused just like other drugs are. Included below are some of the hazards of GHB.

Dangers of GHB

What makes GHB so dangerous on the surface, is that it's a completely colorless and odorless liquid. It also doesn't have much of a taste, although some people have noted that it's a bit salty. However, if slipped into a drink, the difference in taste is nearly unrecognizable. Certain hazards of GHB can be potentially deadly. The drug causes dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, loss of motor functions and even loss of consciousness. This explains the main reason why predators and criminals use it as a way to trick and take advantageous of unsuspecting victims. If you are ever in a situation where you start to lose control of yourself and your surroundings and you feel like you're in danger and may have possibly been drugged, please call 911.

As stated before, the hazards of GHB are not limited to those who are unsuspecting victims. Because of it's ability to essentially completely relax your body and even make a person unconscious, people with insomnia and narcolepsy willingly abuse GHB. This is incredibly dangerous for a number of different reasons. GHB is a very toxic and powerful drug, especially when it is combined with alcohol, it's effects double and the likelihood of overdose becomes dangerously high. Enhanced sleep is not the only effect of this drug. According to teens and young adults, GHB is heavily abused in the party and club scene. Some report that it can have certain desirable effects such as increased sex drive and euphoria. Those who abuse this drug, are taking incredibly frightening risks with their health, their safety and their body. The complete lack of control that is produced by this drug is astounding.

Treatment for GHB

If you or anyone you know has a problem with this drug, please seek immediate help. As mentioned earlier, the most common type of atmosphere that GHB is found in also contains alcohol. These two substances mixed together can be absolutely deadly and the risk of overdose increases exponentially. Do not lose your life because you have a dependency and addiction to this harmful drug. Furthermore, there are many different reasons why people turn to drugs. Most often it is to mask the pain and guilt that they feel in their life because of incidences that took place in the past. Don't jeopardize your future on account of your past. These hazards of GHB are serious and can be fatal.

People that have been under the influence of this drug, depending on the dose, experience different things and different sensations. Some describe what can only be thought of as hallucinations. This drug is so dangerous and so powerful that it alters your brain chemistry, in such a way that you may even start seeing things that are not there. The more harmful and potent drugs such as shrooms and acid have a similar effect. This is very frightening and potentially detrimental to your mental health and stability. There are so many different reasons way the hazards of GHB can potentially lead to horrible consequences and even death.

If you have issues with this drug, or any other substance, there is help out there for you. Please do not try to do it alone. Many people think that they have the power to kick their addictions by themselves, but they often fail and fall back into the horrendous and dangerous cycles of addiction. So many people have lost their lives to this horrible disease, don't allow yourself to be one of them. Get help right away. If you have any questions, please contact our rehabilitation center. We'd be happy to help you on the path to a new, more fruitful life.

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