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Article Summary

Excessive Drug Use

Excessive drug use is a form of drug abuse where individuals use more than the required or recommended amount of certain drugs. In the case of excessive drug use, individuals usually by pass the recommended doses of certain drugs. It is very possible for some individual to use recreational and prescription drugs excessively without experiencing any negative side effects or getting addicted to those drugs i.e. alcohol use.

For some other people, excessive drug use causes numerous problems. Excessive drug use is a problem that should be dealt with immediately especially in the cases of addiction. You must understand excessive drug use as a form of drug abuse. You must also understand addiction to be able to understand excessive drug use better.

Drug Experimentation

People experiment with certain drug use varied reasons. For instance, some people start using drugs because they become curious. Others start experimenting to enjoy the effects. Others may also start using drugs as a result of peer pressure. Other people i.e. those using prescription drugs start using the drugs because of underlying medical conditions.

Excessive drug use that leads to addiction is not caused by normal drug consumption. It is important to note that there is no specific time where drug usage moves from being useful to being destructive or problematic. Excessive drug use varies depending on individuals. Excessive drug use which leads to addiction contributes very little towards the amount of drugs an individual consumes. Excessive drug use is linked more with the consequences or effects associated with using a drug.

The brain and excessive drug use

Excessive drug use brought about by addiction is a complex disorder. Most drugs that abused i.e. taken alcohol in excess have one common property which is they interfere or alter proper brain functions with repeated use.

Taking recreational drugs excessively is known to surge dopamine levels in the brain. This in return brings about numerous pleasure feelings. The brain records and remembers these feelings every time one is not under the influence. This in return causes addiction as the brain demands for more drugs to experience the pleasure after effects.

Excessive drug use results in addiction. Addiction can be very dangerous especially when one keeps developing tolerance to a drug. This results in higher doses which can in the end result in a fatal overdose. The changes excessive drug use bring to the brain interference or alter an individual's ability to think rationally, make good judgement, control their behaviour and think clearly.

Regardless of the drug you take in excess or are addicted to, the cravings associated with the drug are usually impossible to control after prolonged use. The drug becomes the most important thing in your life. The urge brought about by abusing the drug is stronger than your own rational thinking. You may therefore find yourself trying to justify why you abuse or take a certain drug in excess. Most addicts deny addiction.

How drug abuse or excessive drug use develops

Excessive drug use or drug abuse starts when individuals start experimenting with certain kinds of drugs. Because these drugs make users high, users can't resist the good feeling. It is usually very difficult to determine the exact point where you start abusing a drug. Distinguishing normal drug usage and excessive drug use is extremely hard which is why most addicts deny being addicted. It is possible to identifying excessive drug use that results in addiction through a number of ways.

For instance, once you start having life problems because of excessive drug use, you probably are an addict or a drug abuser. A good example is excessive alcohol drinking. If you start having life problems i.e. fighting with family members or missing work because of excessive alcohol drinking, you have crossed the line. At this point it is better to reduce your alcohol intake.

Also, if you start abusing or using a drug excessively because you are unable to function without the drug. For instance, if you can't function without drinking alcohol, then you are drinking too much and you are probably an alcohol addict. Excessive drug use is very hard to control. In most cases, it is the drug that controls you which is why you have to consume large quantities of the drug to achieve certain feelings.

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