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Article Summary

Effectiveness of Drug Addiction Treatment

Today there are a lot of individuals who are addicted to drugs and many of them are dying every so often due to addiction and overdose. The effective solution for this is to undergo treatment at a drug rehab center as they will provide cognitive behavioral therapy as well as various recovery programs. The main purpose of drug abuse treatments, which are provided at the drug addiction treatment centers, is to restore addicts to productive performance in the community, place of work and also within the family.

Drug addiction treatments ensure that the patient not only gets rid of the addiction, but also becomes a sturdier, better balanced individual. According to various studies that help to track addicts in treatment process, most people who follow drug abuse treatments over a lengthy period of time usually discontinue the use of drugs, minimize their illegal activities and improve their professional, communal and mental functioning.

Medications and Drug Addiction Treatment

Medications are an important part of drug treatment for many people. For example, methadone therapy facilitates behavioral treatment and helps to lessen both drug abuse and criminal behavior. Also, medicines such as suboxone and LAAM can be effective in helping addicts stay away from illegal drugs. Although sometimes disfavored by a few individuals in recovery process, the fact is that medications enable millions of addicts to live normal, productive lives.

Drug Testing and Drug Addiction Treatment

However, to facilitate the effectiveness of drug addiction treatment, drug testing is important. Whether treatment is provided on an out-patient or in-patient, drugs are accessible to individuals in treatment thus putting them at risk for reusing even while in treatment. For effective treatment in this regard, every patient should be monitored for drug addiction treatment on an ongoing basis. Treatment plans may even be modified to increase the possibility of ultimate success.

The drug addiction treatment must address the patient's drug use, and any related medical, social, psychological, legal or vocational problems. In addition, individual drug addiction treatments results mainly depend on the level and traits of the addict's problems, the suitability of therapy and the related services used to manage those problems. It is also based on the quality of interaction involving the patient and the treatment provider. Also, the length of treatment counts when it comes to effective addiction treatment and significant improvement is usually reached at approximately 3 months.

Counseling and Drug Addiction Treatment

Counseling, either individual or group, is an essential part that determines the effectiveness of drug addiction treatment. In counseling, addicts monitor their motivation, build skills to stop drug use, improve problem-solving abilities and replace drug related activities with positive and worthwhile non-drug related activities. In addition, counseling helps addicts to restore and re-learn social and family living patterns.

Drug addiction treatment is effective even for individuals who do not choose it out of their own will. In fact, addiction treatment is exactly as effective for patients who are court ordered to undergo treatment, as it is for patients who understand the need for treatment on their own. New research has revealed that even families and employers are effective at getting the unwilling addicts into drug addiction treatment. But interventions are usually most successful when carried out properly and with the assistance of a professional.

Relapses and Drug Addiction Treatment

Staying motivated is a crucial step towards effective addiction treatment. Relapses may occur during or after successful treatment phases. A relapse is a pointer that extra work and probably more treatment are needed. Addicts may need extensive treatment and time in treatment before they can fully enjoy lasting abstinence and total restoration to a drug-free life. The phase after treatment is equally important as undergoing treatment. Finding support and constant work to remain drug free is necessary.

Just like other chronic diseases, drug addiction can be handled effectively. Treatments offered by the drug rehabilitation centers enable patients to counteract the addiction's disruptive effects on their functionality and on their mind thus helping them to regain full control over their individual lives. Successful drug addiction treatment usually involves regular assessment and appropriate modification as necessary.

It is important to understand that there is no particular treatment formula that will work for every person. The eventual success of the treatment process depends on finding the correct treatment methods as well as setting, since everybody's needs are different. Drug abuse is a multi-dimensional problem, and any effective treatment should address all the individual's needs.

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