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Article Summary


Drugs are used by almost everyone at one point or another during their life. There are several different types of drugs and they all have very different purposes. Some are necessary to keep an individual alive while others that are taken even though they may not be necessary.

Types of Drugs

Often these other types of drugs, such as anti-depressants and pain medication, cause many more problems and side effects than the original problem the individual was trying treat. This second group of drugs masks, rather than solves, the individual’s problem. In turn, their situation may worsen. They may begin to abuse the drug to escape life altogether and/or to simply obtain a high.

There is another group of drugs. They are called illicit or illegal drugs. They have no known benefit and are often very addictive. Illegal drugs are frequently taken for totally different reasons than legal drugs. Many people experiment with these types of substances to escape their problems.

All drugs are essentially taken to kill pain. The user takes the substance to escape physical or emotional pain. Sometimes they are looking to escape from both. Sometimes and individual finds that they are unable to handle a part of their life and taking drugs makes it seem as though they have solved their problem. For a brief period of time they feel better and things don’t seem as bad as they were.

Drug Addiction

The individual’s problems begin to build and build as they take more and more drugs. Often they become difficult to communicate with. They may withdraw and display strange behavior that is associated with addiction. As they use more and more, their problems become larger and larger. As time passes they focus their attention on using and will do anything to obtain the drug. In the end, the individual becomes depressed, discontented, and desperate for the drugs.

Their personal relationships begin to suffer as well as their job and financial status. Often they will sacrifice everything for their drugs. Drug addiction is dangerous and deadly but fortunately there is help out there for addicts.

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