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Article Summary

Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment - What Happens?

If you take a drug for a prolonged period of time whether via it being prescribed or abusing the drug there is the chance of developing an addiction to it and clearly this can become rather problematic. There will clearly be help out there to break the addiction, but it can be useful to know in advance what may happen at this point. What follows is information on crystal meth addiction treatment including reasons as to why getting some professional help really is important.

Crystal meth is a very powerful and highly addictive drug classified as being a stimulant and it is able to be smoked, swallowed, snorted or even injected and clearly the last one will get it into the blood a lot quicker. It works by stimulating both the brain and the central nervous system with it acting in a not too dissimilar way to either speed or cocaine. After taking it, the person will often feel as if they are full of energy, alert, confused, agitated, paranoid, and even aggressive and it does have quite a bad come down after the effects have worn off. People will then want to take more in order to recreate the high and to avoid the come down and this is where the addiction can start from.

The first steps of crystal meth addiction treatment.

One of the first things to do is to remove the person from their environment as they are often surrounded by things, or people, that encourage their drug use and this, in turn, makes it harder to break the cycle of taking the drug. This does mean that it is often easier to break the habit by going to an actual rehabilitation unit and they will then tend to focus on a course of detoxification and counseling in order to help get the patient through what will often be a very difficult period of time.


The detox stage is the most critical and this really should be done under medical supervision in order to help ease the symptoms that the person will tend to encounter when going through the withdrawal phase. The most common withdrawal symptoms that people will feel include: a feeling of anxiety, agitation, they will alternate between sleeping all of the time and not sleeping at all, depression, paranoia, psychosis, lucid dreams, and suicidal thoughts. What all of this shows is that there is a tendency for the symptoms to be more psychological rather than physical, so the detox program will often focus more on this side of the problem.

One approach that is most commonly used is to prescribe various drugs in order to lessen the impact of the psychological issues listed above. This means people may be given antidepressants to help with the depression, anti-anxiety drugs to help keep them calm, and also sedatives to help them sleep when they are going through a phase where insomnia is a real issue. Treatment may alter slightly depending on the stage the person is at in the withdrawal process and if they are having any particular problems that could result in a potential relapse at some point.

Counseling and Therapy

For the counseling, it is common for people to be entered into a twelve step program where they look at crystal meth itself, the way it affects the mind and body, behavioural issues and anything else that plays a key role in the actual addiction. By understanding it, the theory is that it makes it easier to break the cycle and of course this is all done in a controlled manner. The complete course of treatment can take weeks and this is partly due to the addict potentially suffering from some of the withdrawal symptoms up to a month after stopping taking the drug making it essential that they get the correct help for the duration due to the risk of, once again, starting to take the drug.

Rehab is Most Effective

Crystal meth addiction treatment has a better chance of being successful when it is carried out in a rehabilitation facility and the person can get help from trained counselors and also prescribed medication to help them with the withdrawal symptoms. Recovery is possible and indeed there is a very high success rate due to the programs that are in place, so if you or anybody you know is addicted to the drug, then help is out there as long as they are willing to find it.

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