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Alcoholism Treatment

Alcoholism treatment is the solution for individuals who have a serious problem with alcohol. There are many different types of help available to treat alcohol addiction. It is important to realize that having an addiction to alcohol is not a disease. Rather, it is a serious problem that one develops over time. Like any problem, there is a solution. Ending an addiction to alcohol is difficult, but it can be accomplished with hard work and the right help.

Any quality program that offers alcoholism treatment will consist of an entirely drug-free program. This means that the treatment program will not use other drugs or medications to “solve” the problems created by alcohol use. They will utilize nutritional supplements as one of the key points of their delivery method. This type of help is considered neither psychiatric nor medical. It is a social education model of treatment.

It is important for any individual who enters a social education model program to be checked by a medical professional. This will ensure that they are healthy and it is safe for them to take part in this type of treatment. In this model of treatment, individuals entering the program are viewed as “students” and not “patients”. It is important to understand the difference. A student will learn something they did not already know. However, if they were considered a patient they would be treated for an illness. The social education model does not concur with the "patient" viewpoint. The student will be learning new abilities and new skills to help them in life.

This method of alcoholism treatment will prepare the student for life once they graduate the program. They will work on “re-entry” programs to help them as they start their new drug-free lives . A graduate of this type of program would not describe themselves as “recovering,” they would say that they have recovered from alcoholism and can stand on their own two feet. They would not need to attend weekly meetings after the completion of the program because they will have been provided with everything they need before they graduate. A graduate from this type of alcoholism treatment knows that they have recovered from their addiction and solved their problem. They have gained a new life and are able to achieve their goals.

These types of social education models of treatment can take anywhere from four to six months to complete. This type of treatment is also known as a therapeutic community. However, it would be more accurate to state that these individuals are “going back to school” to receive the real tools to help them succeed.

A graduate of this type of alcoholism treatment is someone who:

  • Knows they are capable of living a drug-free life
  • Has improved their ability to learn and is accepting of new ideas on how to improve their life
  • Understands the fundamentals of ethics and morality and applies them to their daily life
  • Now has the ability to solve their problems rationally without turning to alcohol
  • Understands that they are not a victim but are responsible for their actions

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