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Article Summary

About Meth

Meth is short for the powerfully addictive stimulant drug Methamphetamine. It is a synthetic drug, meaning it is a drug which is manufactured using inorganic ingredients and chemicals. The types of chemicals which are used in the process of manufacturing the drug are toxic to humans and not things which one would even consider ingesting under normal circumstances. Ingredients included in a batch in meth are fairly common household and industrial ingredients which can be easily obtained by just about anyone. For example, a typical batch of meth includes cold/allergy medicine, battery acid, drain cleaner, gasoline additives, acetone and ammonia for example. While it is known that most of these ingredients are not meant for any human to consume, the toxic concoction has many millions of people hooked.

Meth Addiction

Meth use and addiction is currently one of the biggest drug threats in the nation, with millions of individuals having tried the drug or being current users each year. The concentrated and even more potent form of meth, known as crystal meth, is even more addictive and is so called because it is sold as tiny chunks of translucent rock or crystal. Meth can be administered in a variety of ways and can either be taken as a pill or capsule, smoked, injected or some users even insert the drug rectally.

A meth high comes with various pros and cons for its user, and is one of the most pleasant yet most unstable highs that a drug user may experience. It is also one of the most dangerous. A meth high will typically last anywhere from 6 hours to 24 hours, which all depends on how the drug was administered. If a meth users administers the drug orally, it takes time for the body to process so they won't experience an immediate rush but will experience much more prolonged effects. One the other hand, injection of meth causes an intense and almost instant rush. This high won't last as long, but will be significantly more intense than just about any other route of administration of the drug.

Meth and the Brain

The brain and central nervous system work with certain chemicals to produce feelings of reward and pleasure when you do something it wants you to do again. Meth use creates this activity as well, but in the extreme and in degrees to which the human body cannot replicate on its own. When someone uses meth they experience a feeling of boundless energy and stamina as well as a sense of well being and pleasure. Individuals wishing to recreate this experience will go for days and sometimes weeks binging on meth and pretty much doing nothing else. This is known to meth users and the drug community as tweeking, and these episodes are periods when the "tweeker" will forego sleeping and even eating and only use meth.

The brain activity which is triggered by meth use also triggers enhanced sexual desire, which causes meth users to become sexually aroused very easily while also having lowered inhibitions. Meth users will utilize the energy and stamina they have achieved as part of their high to engage in intense and prolonged sex sessions with other meth users. This type of activity is typically done without any protection or regard for personal well being, as the individual is not in their right mind or acting in ways they would normally act while not high on meth. This is why meth addicts can very likely be openly promiscuous, have a great deal of sex partners, engage in a great deal of unprotected sex, all of which can have disastrous consequences. Because meth users who inject the drug intravenously are also engaging in this type of promiscuous and casual sex which is commonly done with unprotected, meth users are more likely to contract sexually transmitted diseases. Meth users are more likely to have sex with meth users who have injected meth intravenously.

Meth Effects

It is well known that drug injection is a very dangerous method of administration of any drug, and meth injection is no exception. Most health consequences as a result of meth injection are serious and can even be fatal. Like other illicit drugs which can be injected, meth users who choose to inject commonly share used and dirty needles. Some of these needles are contaminated with deadly viruses such as HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis, which are very common diseases amongst all injection drug users. And since individuals can't just go buy hypodermic needles willy-nilly, injection drugs users will users inject with whatever they can get their hands on no matter the price. Injection drug use is one of the primary problems which is propelling such high rates of transmission and infection of deadly diseases such as HIV, and it is truly a problem of epidemic proportions.

Because of the highly toxic and caustic substances contained in a batch of meth, meth users also put themselves at risk of damaging vital organs and even sustaining neurological and brain damage as a result of long term and even short term use. Meth users will also typically develop what is known as "meth mouth", which is a tell tale sign of meth abuse. Meth mouth develops as a result of dry mouth which is a side effect of the drug, accompanied by poor nutrition which leads to severe and sometimes irreparable tooth decay. It is common for meth users to have open sores and lesions, particularly on their face and arms, as a result of picking at bugs which they believe to be crawling on their skin. Overall, a person who is addicted to meth is physically unwell, shows obvious signs of physical deterioration, and at risk of losing their health and well-being to this drug if they don't get help.

Meth can cause individuals to be anxious and violent, which can lead to extreme acts of violence and unpredictable behavior, especially when they need to get more of the drug. Meth addiction is truly detrimental not only to the individuals but to society at large, as is associated high rates of violent crime and other social problems. Individuals who need help can seek treatment at a drug rehab which treats meth addiction. It is very unlikely that someone who has become addicted to meth will have the power to quit on their own, so drug rehab is often the only hope that they can ever become rehabilitated after falling prey to such a powerfully addictive drug.

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