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Signs and Symptoms of Drug Use

In case you are worried if you, a friend, or a member of your family is hooked on drugs, it is vital that you seek help as soon as possible. A great way to do is by understanding the nature of drug use and addiction, how and why it develops, the common signs and symptoms it displays, and why it tends to have a powerful hold on the user. With time, you will be better placed to learn how to deal with such a problem. That said, below are some of the common signs of drug use... more...

Prevention Against Teen Alcohol Use

Open and honest communication works wonders when it comes to the recognition, prevention, and treatment of budding alcohol use and abuse among adolescents. To bring this to light, parents should: 1. Provide the Right Message. Ignoring the issue does not solve alcohol abuse among teens. To a large extent, most adolescents look to their parents and other figures of authority in the lives while modeling their behavior.... more...

Prevention Against Teen Drug Use

The risks of teen drug use are well documented. They include, among others, physical and mental health, accidents, death from overdose, addiction, and involvement in illegal activities. As such, parents, teachers, and communities must take all necessary precautions to prevent teens from using drugs and alcohol. Strong family bonds, the encouragement of healthy behavior, and education ' among others ' are useful in protecting them from such abuse... more...

10 Tips To A Drug Free Child

Experts and researchers in drug abuse rehabilitation and prevention have been coming up with some tips to a drug free child. Using these tips, you can ensure that your children avoid alcohol and drugs or at least stop abusing them if they have already started. As a parent, you have many responsibilities over your family. Apart from ensuring that they live in relative safety, are healthy, well clothed, and adequately fed, it is also essential... more...

How Can I Protect My Child From Using Drugs?

It is imperative that you teach your children that drugs are dangerous and that they should never use them - unless it is for a medical reason and they are receiving your guidance and supervision. If possible, you should start before they are six years old. While giving them the lessons, ensure that they are simple enough for them to understand. Even so, you should be serious in your messaging. For instance, you can... more...

The Effects On Children Of Drug Addicted Parents

If a parent starts abusing alcohol and other drugs, the family is highly likely to suffer. In particular, the communication channels in such a family might be unclear. Additionally, the behavior of the substance using parent might be unpredictable. In such a family, life is often characterized by deep unpredictability, chaos, and upheaval. This is because parental behavior might range from crazy to withdrawal to loving... more...

The Value Of Drug Education As A Deterrent For Drug Abuse

Essentially, education about alcohol and drug abuse is a crucial part of helping people understand the various aspects of this problem. In particular, drug education should include information with factual data about: How specific substances affect the body and mind of users, How substances are abused, The basic warning signs of substance use disorders and addiction, The consequences and adverse effects of substance abuse on... more...

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