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Article Summary

Out-patient Rehab

Out-patient rehab is a substance abuse treatment option available for individuals who require a certain amount of flexibility during the treatment process. For example, if someone cannot commit full time because of obligation such as work, family, etc. an out-patient rehab program may be a suitable option if their treatment needs are not extensive. However, although individuals who don't have a serious history of substance abuse may benefit from an out-patient rehab, it has been proven to lack intensity needed for individuals who have serious substance abuse and dependency issues. These individuals will fare far better in in-patient and residential rehab programs.

Types of Out-patient Rehab

In an out-patient rehab, individuals will be able to attend meetings and take part in counseling and treatment services part-time on an out-patient basis. Out-patient rehabs vary in terms of how many days clients are encouraged to participate in treatment, although most will require 5 to 7 days per week. Some out-patient drug rehab programs are available for clients up to 8 hours per day, while others may accommodate the needs of clients who may only be able to take part in treatment a few hours per day. Again, whether or not this type of treatment and level of care is going to provide the results wanted all depends on how much substance abuse we're dealing with. It certainly would not be a sufficient level of treatment for someone who is a severe alcoholic or someone who is abusing heroin daily or any other substance of abuse.

Outpatient Rehab Less Effective

Addiction is not something which can be easily resolved, especially when there is a high level of physical and psychological dependence to a substance because of chronic abuse. While an out-patient program may seem appealing, it is an option for a very small percentage of clients seeking help. The more effective treatment option for seriously addicted and dependent individuals would require an inpatient or residential stay of no less than 90 days. This will ensure that they receive the appropriate level of care and support so that they don't relapse, an outcome which is very typically for clients who underestimate treatment needs and choose an out-patient rehab.

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