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Article Summary

Long Term Drug Rehab

Long term drug rehab is just as the name denotes; an extended treatment solution in an inpatient or residential drug rehab facility. Treatment lengths in drug rehab are either described as short term or long term. Short term drug rehab programs are going to offer up to a 30-day stay in a treatment facility, while long term drug rehab is going to take significantly longer. Most long term drug rehab programs inform clients that there stay will last anywhere from 90-120 days, although some clients can expect to be in treatment for much longer. For some of the more serious cases of addiction and dependency, clients may actually choose to remain in a long term drug rehab for up to a year. It can be scary to go back into the real world after drug rehab without have the confidence and tools to be able to abstain from drugs and alcohol. This is why long term drug rehab is the superior choice in terms of treatment options and why so many graduates from long term programs go one to lead healthy and drug free lives.

A long term drug rehab can provide treatment clients with the opportunity to recover at their own pace, because after all, no treatment client is the same. For example, someone who only has to make very obvious lifestyle changes can make such changes and along with intensive counseling be ready to graduate rehab within just a few months. Someone else in long term drug rehab may have deeper emotional or psychological issues or trauma which may take longer to address. This may include an untreated or undiagnosed and co-occurring mental health disorder for example, a situation which is often the very reason they turned to drugs or alcohol to begin with.

Co-occurring Mental Health Disorders

Individuals with untreated or undiagnosed mental health issues often self-medicate with drugs or alcohol to help with symptoms, which can obviously turn into a full blown addiction. Treatment counselors at a long-term rehab know that this is a very common cause of addiction, and make sure that any type of co-occurring disorder is addressed concurrently in treatment. This doesn't necessarily mean that the individual has to be on medication for the rest of their lives, and there are other things which can be done to help individuals who struggle with these types of issues. Some long term drug rehab programs use holistic treatment practices to help individuals heal and recover from co-occurring disorders. Alternative long term drug rehab programs abound, including wilderness rehabs, and even purification programs which incorporate exercise, nutritional supplements and an intensive course of education about oneself and others can help individuals not only overcome addiction but leave rehab in a healthier state of body and mind.

Types of Long Term Rehab

Individuals searching for long term drug rehab treatment options should not confine their choices to the traditional 12-step approach. Many individuals in need of rehab have tried 12-step in the past to no avail, and can lose hope that they will ever be able to end their battle with substance abuse. While it has been set as the "standard" of treatment, 12-step is most definitely not the only treatment approach available. Individuals who want an alternative to 12-step have many options to choose from, many of which don't entail being part of an endless recovery process. There are alternative to 12-step which help individuals remove all of the labels and stigma, so that a complete recovery is possible. These types of long term drug rehabs offer behavioral therapy, one-on-one counseling, group counseling, and even family counseling so that clients can discover the causes of their addiction and what they can do to change their plight. It is a much more proactive approach, so that the individual's future is in their own hands and they can take back control over their life.

Long Term Rehab is Most Effective

Long term drug rehab is the premiere treatment option, and most private health insurance companies will cover the cost of this length of stay in rehab if it is deemed necessary by treatment professionals. If one's insurance will only partially pay for a long term rehab, many programs offer payment assistance to clients who have to self pay for some or all of their treatment. If this is the case and funds are scarce, a sliding scale fee is one example of payment assistance which may be available for prospective clients, which bases the cost of treatment off of each individual's circumstances.

If you or someone you care about needs effective and proven help, a long term drug rehab is the best option available. Speak with a treatment professional to get any questions answered and get yourself or someone you love started on the road to a healthier and happier life today.

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