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Article Summary

How Can Going to Rehab Help Me?

Despite one's best and most sincere efforts, trying to overcome addiction on one's own typically ends in failure and relapse. Such setbacks can leave addicted individuals feeling hopeless and shamed, with the feeling that they may never be able to recover and regain one's quality of life. Their friends and family can also lose hope, feeling as though they can do nothing but stand by and watch while their loved one destroy themselves. There is hope however, but it will require a considerable amount of time and effort in an effective drug rehab program.

Effects of Addiction

Individuals don't get caught up in addiction because they are evil or bad or weak. Individuals get caught up in addiction because drugs and alcohol cause a physical and often deep psychological dependence, which keeps users in a never ending cycle of abuse. Even the thought of quitting can cause severe distress, because seriously addicted individuals not only depend on their drug of choice to experience the physical effects but as an emotional crutch and to cover up things in their lives which they feel they have no control over or can't resolve. Not taking drugs not only means that they will experience the often severe physical and psychological symptoms of drug withdrawal and intense cravings, but they will also have to feel and experience everything. After not having to do so because of the haze they were accustomed to living in through drug use, this can be very overwhelming.

Addiction is a Complex Problem

With all of this in mind, it is no wonder than individuals will need help overcoming addiction and why drug rehab is the most effective answer to addiction. There is no sense in trying to kick the habit on one's own where there are so many effective treatment solutions out there. Compounded failures after having tried many times to quit on one's own doesn't mean that there is no hope, it just means that one didn't have the correct tools and knowledge to overcome the very complex problem of drug or alcohol addiction. Without these tools, individuals are only trying to overcome the physical symptoms of addiction when the problem often goes far deeper than this. Only addressing superficial issues is what leads to relapse time and time again.

Benefits of Rehab

In a drug rehab program treatment clients not only address the physical symptoms of their addiction, but discover the things in their lives which must be resolved so that the urge to self medicate is extinguished. Counseling and other treatment tools are used to bring such issues to the surface; things which may have been plaguing an individual since childhood that they weren't even aware were affecting them today. Or there could very well be someone or something in their current environment which is dragging them down in life or even a failure or loss which haunts them and prompts them to use drugs or alcohol to numb the pain. Whatever the case may be, these issues are often the key to why someone became involved in substance abuse but better yet the answer to completely resolving it. This is why individuals should make every effort to get help for substance abuse and never feel alone or that they have failed. They simply don't have the tools to fix it, tools which are only available in drug rehab.

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