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Article Summary

Do I Need to go to Rehab?

Drug abuse of any kind can turn into a very nasty problem very quickly. Casual use can become more and more frequent, and one day it is part of one's every day routine. Individuals who become so accustomed and dependent to drugs can even appear to be "functional", going about their daily routine and even going to work and making somewhat of an attempt to be a parent or spouse. Most either live in complete denial, or know they have a problem but somehow think they have control over it and can stop any time. When push comes to shove however, chronic substance abuse leads to a deep physical and psychological dependence and most will not be able to quit on their own. It is difficult, but individuals caught up in substance abuse must at some point be honest with themselves and honestly answer the question, "Do I need to go to rehab?"

Does Substance Abuse Impact Your Life?

This question can be answered very simply and easily. Does one's substance abuse negatively impact any part of their life, such as their health, work, goals, family, finances, etc.? If so, does one continue abusing drugs and/or alcohol despite the detrimental effects that this can cause? If the answer to either of this is yes, and most definitely if answer to both is yes, the answer to the original question is mostly definitely YES. Despite the popular belief that "rock bottom" is the ultimate sign that someone needs help, this is very far from the truth and is an idea which can cause much more damage than good.

Don't Wait

The moment it is evident that the individual is no longer in control of their substance abuse, and continue down this path despite the very obvious consequences, they need to go to rehab. There is no need to wait until the individual experiences complete physical, moral or social decay to get them the help they need. The sooner someone makes it to drug rehab the less damage will be done in their lives and the sooner they can get it back on track. This is true for any drug of abuse and any level of abuse, and there are drug rehab programs available for each and every circumstance and treatment professionals who understand how to help individuals through this process successfully.

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