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Do I Need a Long-term Rehab?

Resolving Addiction Takes Time

Many individuals aren't sure what degree of treatment they will need for substance abuse, and there are so many different treatment options out there. Many are under the assumption that if they can just get off of drugs and through detox, everything will be ok and they can return to their normal life. Some drug rehabs actually promote that this is possible, with only a brief amount of treatment. Unfortunately for those who just become abstinent and receive very little or no further treatment at all, the outcomes are not good and in fact many wind up with an even bigger problem than before. Short-term treatment can seem appealing and like an ideal way to go about resolving addiction. Time and results have shown however that there is no quick fix for addiction, and individuals are much better off making a honest effort in a more long-term rehab situation.

Do I Need Long-term Rehab?

"Do I need long-term rehab?" is a question one might ask themselves when faced with the many different treatment choices available. The answer to this question is simple, but there are other questions one can honestly answer which will help them conclude whether or not the answer will be yes. Does drug and/or alcohol use negatively affect my life in any way? Despite these negative effects, do I continue using drugs and/or alcohol anyway? If the answers are yes, there are significant issues which will very likely have to be resolved which may not be at the surface. Uncovering these issues can take a considerable amount of time, much longer than a typical thirty day stay in a short-term rehab program.

Increase your Chances for Success

When making the effort to become rehabilitated, it is important to give oneself the best opportunity to make a full recovery. There is so much at stake when considering the effects addiction can have not just in one's own life but in the life of many others who are impacted by one's addiction. Even though it can seem like a huge sacrifice, result obtained at a long-term rehab will often far exceed expectations and give individuals the chance they deserve to get their lives back on track.

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