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Article Summary

Detox and Rehab

Detox vs Rehab

Detox and rebab are two separate components of a comprehensive treatment program. Detox occurs whether someone is in treatment or not, and is merely the process of drugs and alcohol leaving one's system which brings about a variety of physical and psychological symptoms until the body readjusts. In a treatment setting, detox is safer and individuals can be made more comfortable through this process so that they get through it; as opposed to detoxing on one's own, which most often results in relapse because an individual will have easy access to their drug of choice, no support system, and will easily give in to cravings. Detox can seem like a considerable feat to overcome in treatment, especially if one has ever tried to do this on one's own and failed. However, it is only a very small part of a much larger picture which will take a considerable amount of time, effort and dedication for the addicted individual to become fully rehabilitated.


So detox and the actual rehab process should not be confused, because they are two separate and distinct elements. Some individuals are under the impression that once detoxed they are in fact treated, and this couldn't be further from the truth. Individuals who are detoxed are abstinent and free from the immediate physical barriers to their treatment. Nothing has been actually treated however, so individuals who leave rehab once detoxed will often fall back into drug use and fare just as well as someone who was never treated at all. So following detox, treatment clients should stick with it and receive extensive treatment to actually become rehab'ed.


Rehab is the rehabilitation process, and there are many different methods and techniques which have been used over the years in an attempt to accomplish this. To rehabilitate someone who has been caught up in substance abuse means to return them to their original state and ability before drugs got hold of them. Drugs can break a person down until they are a shell of their former self, and rehab renews hope, ability and inner strength so that the individual can live a drug free, happy and healthy life. As stated earlier, detox alone cannot accomplish this. This takes hard work and dedication on the part of treatment client and professional treatment counselor to peel away the damage that addiction has caused layer by layer and find the causes of addiction. These issues can be resolved with therapy and other treatment techniques, resulting in rehabilitation of the individual who can make that fresh start they deserve.

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