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Article Summary

Cost of Rehab

The cost of rehab can vary from program to program, depending on what type of treatment is being offered, the treatment facility chosen, and how long an individual will remain at the drug rehab facility. Cost also varies depending on how rehab is being paid for and what different types of insurance will cover. For example, if someone has private health insurance most insurance companies will pay for a certain length of time in treatment, but some may not pay for a long-term stay. Medicare and Medicaid often cover most rehab services, but there are certain protocols in place which must be followed and individuals will need to work with their primary care physician to determine what is and isn't covered.

Rehab Costs Vary

For individuals who need to self-pay for rehab and are unable to pay through any type of insurance, cost of rehab can vary greatly. For example a short-term in-patient drug rehab program, which typically treats clients for as little as a few days to a month, will be far less costly than a residential long-term rehab which will treat clients for several weeks and even months in some cases. A residential long-term program too can vary in cost, depending on what amenities are offered. For example, there are luxury residential drug rehab facilities which are three times the cost of a traditional and modest facility which delivers comparable levels of treatment.

Effectiveness More Important than Cost

The most important factor to consider when choosing a drug rehab program isn't necessarily the cost, but whether or not the approach to treatment hits home for you and will be the best option to put an end to substance abuse. Many drug rehab programs will work with potential clients and their families to resolve any financing issues, and even offer payment assistance or discounts in some cases if funding one's treatment is an issue. Contact the finance department of the drug rehab program of choice to determine what payment options are available so that you can get started in treatment right away.

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