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Kids Talk About Drug Education

Teens in drug education class, student raising his hand.


I would really like to thank you for your time spent here talking to the PHS students. Thanks to you, I've learned plenty new things about "drugs". Now, I can potentially even let anyone know about these type of things if they're doing it around me. I loved the energy that you gave off, although people would laugh, you made it interesting to know more.


Thanks for coming to talk to us about drugs, I think what you do is really nice helping out people. You made learning about drugs fun and see how bad they are.


Thank you for coming and sharing your knowledge on drugs with us. I plan to take this information and help someone else get better or help spread the word. Your energy was very positive and influential. Continue to do what you do best and make positive impress on the world. Thank you once again.


Nothing much to say beside thank you for your time. I'm glad that you got over your addiction, and took that knowledge to show kids the right path. I never had plans on doing drugs at all, and I avoided many people who offered me. You coming in funny and kind was a great reminder on why I shouldn't go down that path.


Thank you for coming to our school and telling us how bad drugs are. All this important information makes me understand a lot. I liked the way you described how bad every drugs are. It surprised me how many people died of drug abuse. Thank you for taking some of your time and teaching an important lesson to not use drugs. Thank you,


I learned more about how smoking cigarettes can kill you. The nicotine inside of the cigarettes can take your lungs. And when you smoke all all the nicotine fly away and the person only 1 gram. Also how when you cough from smoking you can cough out your lungs and kill yourself. Thanks for coming to talk to us.


Thank you for your informative presentation. I found your stories about past friend, experiences, as well as loved ones very interesting. I admire you especially for your strength and dedication you took to turn your life around. I also admire you for your work, helping others who seek help with addiction. I believe that makes you a great person. Keep doing what you do and helping people!


I just want to say thank you for the presentation, honestly I was surprised with all the information you gave us today. It was a real eye opener for me, this whole time I believed tobacco and was were nothing compared to weed, but to know it is way worse really left me in shock. I'm glad to be informed with how drugs really are now because now I know to stay far away from them. My brother has been a drug addict since he was 13 and it's sad because now he's 34 and it has ruined his life. He has been in an and out of rehabs but staying in the same environment has kept messing him up with crystal, weed, was, pills, it's heart breaking. I look at him as an example to stay away from drugs and with what you informed me today gave me more reason not to, so Thank you!


I've learned a lot about your presentation about drugs. I'm more educated about how it affects your body. The statistics you shown us had me very shocked. The drug I've seen people do, I would've thought of it as it wasn't a big deal but knowing that how much chemicals there was and thought to myself the person I know is putting all these chemicals in their body. Thank you for your time.


Thank you for volunteering your time to come and talk to us about drugs and the dangers that lie within. Because of your presentation, I have learned not only the dangers that come within the well-known drugs, but can have dangerous side effect if used ignorantly. I also learned that 500,000 die of tobacco and 36,000 die of heroin. Of course, the heroin number would be bigger but heroin is illegal. I have a close family member who has been using drugs and alcohol and this presentation was helpful because now the risks have been exposed to me. Thank you for educating us.


I wanted to thank you for your time today. I have seen your presentation multiple times and I learn so much more every time. It's crazy how 500,000 people have died from smoking or 2nd hand smoke. People need to be educated about how dangerous drugs are and how they leave something behind. Once again, thank you for your time.


Thanks Tony for teaching us about marijuana and how it takes more work than with just nicotine to quit it. Also, Xanax was helpful too, knowing that you should never really take it unless prescribed. I'm not really a druggie but I know I've made right choices so far just from you educating me. I kind of wanted to know about the side effects to the marijuana lotion still, by the way I was the kid who asked. Hi! Anyways, thanks for talking to us.


Thank you so much for coming to my school and educating us on the facts of drugs, weed and their impacts they have on our health. The information you shared will change the way I'll view drugs: weed is something that I was rather ignorant to; it affects all the other chemical circuits. Thank you so much for your enlightenment.


Thank you for taking your time and talking to us about drugs, Many kids in this school are involved with Xanax, weed, etc.- and you educated some! You made the topic interesting and you were very funny. I didn't know there was 4,000 chemicals in smoking weed! I honestly gained a lot J Thank you again:


P. S. Keep doing what you're doing! You're helping a lot of us!

Thank you for taking the time to teach us the bad things about tobacco. I didn't know that tobacco kills more people than other drugs. I also didn't know that some of the drugs is left behind.


I would like to thank you on informing us about the more awareness in drugs. I thought drugs were bad, but I was never informed in detail what it could do and the effect, like weed being still in your blood steam for months! That's crazy and it still kicks in while the fat is being burned. It's crazy to find out that nicotine hooks you in while the tobacco kills, being the highest killing drug. It's also kind of sad to see peers at a young age drinking and smoking hopefully they learn the effects of their action and addiction from your fun way of teaching.


Honestly thank you for taking your time to talk to us about drugs. Honestly I was shocked. I was actually thinking about trying weed and was but after hearing the amount of THC they contain, I'm honestly scared to try it. I was told that weed was all natural but you showed me that it actually isn't. Thank you honestly.


Thank you for dedicating yourself to opening people minds, and eyes to the dangerous of drugs like tobacco, weed Xanax, lean, etc. I'm glad you were able to overcome your addiction. You have encouraged me to continue being drug free and reminded me that even a little hurts a lot.


I would like to thank you for your time and effort that you sacrificed for our sake. Now I know how dangerously addictive weed is. Although it may not be the deadliest, weed contains the THC chemical that stays hidden in a person's body fat that ultimately restores THC in the blood stream which cause a person to become addicted. I never even knew what THC was until I saw your presentation and I thank you for this wisdom you have given to me to prevent any drug addiction. I hope I never come across.


Thank you for coming you were very inspirational. You taught me so much about drugs that I didn't even know about. I'm very proud of you for overcoming your drug addiction. You're now helping many people overcome it. You're incredible for that. Thank you for having time and coming. You are appreciated!


Thank you for coming to our school again and talking to us about drugs. I never knew that THC stays within the fat even if you haven't smoked in a long time and your blood stream is clean.


I want to thank you for coming out of your time and talking to us about drugs. You are truly comedy and I hope you come out next year for another presentation. It's pretty sad knowing that over generations, people turn to drugs for a better use, a better feeling of life, a better feeling to get away from the struggle. There is one phrase you mentioned that really got to me and it was, "ignorance kills you". Thank you for coming out.


I want to say thank you for teaching us about how drugs affect us, especially TCH on how it stays in our fat. I've never wanted to do drugs and your presentation pushed me more far back of wanting to do drugs, so I thank you.


I would like to thank you for coming to speak to us and teach us new facts, especially how even though one stops taking drugs it stays in the fat in your body so you are not completely clean until months after. I now know why the drugs can be so addictive and thank you for coming to Paramount High School and teaching us about different drugs and where to get help.


I want to start off by saying that I really liked your presentation on drugs. It was different than all the other kinds I'd been stuck listening to. I definitely learned a lot more about how drugs affect the body especially weed. I didn't know anything about was or nicotine, all I knew was that it was addictive. Thank you so much for coming to my school and teaching us more about it.


Thank you for teaching me something about drugs that I didn't know. I never knew that even after awaiting drugs after a long period of time, they can come back. I never knew that. It really seemed like you know a lot about this stuff which is a good thing because I don't. Thank you for taking your time to do this presentation.


Thank you for taking your time to teach us about drugs. I learn a lot about drugs today. Now, I know how drugs are, affect and dangerous to people. Lastly, I want to say thank you again for your speak. I really appreciate it.


Thank you for taking your time and coming to talk with us. I was able to learn more about which drug is the most dangerous as well as which one has the most kill rate. I never knew which drug would kill the most so it was interesting to know. Thank you again for coming out and spreading awareness to how addictive and dangerous drugs are.


I want to thank you for the information you have shared with us today. With this information I might be able to help my grandpa with his cigarette problem because he always smokes a pack a day.


Thank you for making drug education interesting. I enjoy the stories that you told us, as well as the jokes. I hope that you live for many years and help make drugs cease as a major cause of death.


I want to thank you for coming out today and talking to all of us and sharing your story about how you almost died because this, but was glad you made it through and stopped what you were doing.


I would like to thank you for your time and your knowledge on drug awareness. I also appreciate you sharing your story and enthusiasm. Today, I am now able to say that I've learned more on the use of drugs and their effects. I've learned that tobacco was the cause of 500,000 deaths and that is extremely terrifying. Once again, Thank you for the knowledge!


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