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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, NV has a large number of treatment choices including: 28 low cost treatment centers, 6 inpatient rehab centers, 20 drug rehabs that take private insurance like Blue Cross Blue Shield, 7 drug detox, 24 outpatient rehabs.

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Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities Serving the Las Vegas, Nevada Area:

    drug rehab facility - Center for Behavioral Health NV
    3050 East Desert Inn Road
    Las Vegas, NV. 89121

    Phone: 702-796-0660

    Center for Behavioral Health (CBH) in Las Vegas is an outpatient facility offering comprehensive substance use treatment programs to assist individuals with an opiate use disorder (OUD). CBH Las Vegas specializes in medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for OUDs, utilizing medications designed to stabilize withdrawal symptoms such as methadone, buprenorphine, or naloxone/Vivitrol. Although the facility's focus is on opiate addiction it also provides treatment for all substance use disorders, HIV/AIDS, compulsive gambling, and domestic violence, and ancillary services including psychoeducation, assessments, counseling, and classes for criminal justice agencies.

    alcohol rehab program - ABC Therapy Inc NV
    730 North Eastern Avenue
    Las Vegas, NV. 89101

    Phone: 702-598-2020

    ABC Therapy, Inc. is a Las Vegas-based provider of mental health care services. Provided on an outpatient basis, their wide array of services include substance abuse education and treatment. Focused on the Hispanic community, the center offers bilingual services to support individuals who prefer to receive treatment in Spanish. They receive patients primarily through the criminal justice system, while accepting a small number of self-referred patients. Therapies include a substance abuse outpatient program, family therapy, couples therapy, gambling addiction treatment, outpatient mental health counseling, DUI services, and more.

    alcohol rehab program - Mission Treatment Centers Inc NV
    2887 South Maryland Parkway
    Las Vegas, NV. 89109

    Like other alcohol and drug rehab facilities, Mission Treatment Centers Inc is committed to ongoing recovery for alcohol and drug addicts living in Las Vegas, NV. and its surrounding areas. As such, this drug and alcohol rehabilitation program has been providing care like group therapy, relapse prevention, activity therapy, trauma-related counseling, group therapy, matrix model and more.

    Further, Mission Treatment Centers Inc thinks that it is essential that its clients receive individual focus and services to ensure that they get effective results. This is why it specializes in several programs such as housing services, residential beds for client's children, social skills development, active duty military, treatment for spanish-speaking clients, persons with eating disorders and many other modes of treatment that you can find listed below. These services that the organization provides are also available in different settings - long term drug treatment, outpatient substance abuse counseling, short term drug abuse treatment, inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers, detox centers and more.

    Not surprisingly, this rehab also has aftercare programs that can help you find permanent and lasting sobriety in the long term. Finally, Mission Treatment Centers Inc accepts private pay, private medical insurance, military insurance, sliding fee scale, county or local government funds, access to recovery (atr) voucher and others.

    alcohol rehab facility - Michael S Levy DO DFASAM NV
    4445 South Jones Boulevard
    Las Vegas, NV. 89103

    Phone: 702-873-7800

    The Center for Addiction Medicine is a private medical practice, founded by Dr. Michael S Levy, DO, that is dedicated to providing a comprehensive array of medical services for the treatment of substance use disorders. The Center for Addiction provides multiple programs in an outpatient setting, including outpatient counseling, outpatient detoxification services, outpatient medication management and medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and an intensive outpatient program. The medications used to treat substance use disorders include methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone, and the facility acts as a medication clinic for patients requiring this level of care.

    alcohol treatment program - Multicultural Wellness  NV
    2920 South Jones Boulevard
    Las Vegas, NV. 89146

    Phone: 702-476-6395

    Multicultural Wellness West (MWW) is a mental health provider focused on underserved and unserved populations within the area of Las Vegas. Their addiction services take a multidisciplinary approach provided through an outpatient treatment program. Capable of treating co-occurring mental health disorders, MWW also provides educational services to train individuals on the science behind addiction, family services to encourage connection with support systems for patients, and holistic treatment approaches to address every aspect of an individual's illness.

    alcohol treatment facility - US VETS Las Vegas NV
    525 East Bonanza Road
    Las Vegas, NV. 89101

    Phone: 702-366-0456

    U.S. VETS is a non-profit organization whose mission is to end veteran homelessness in the United States by helping veterans and their families transition from homelessness through tailored support services. U.S. VETS - Las Vegas operates two residential facilities, a community support office, and over 330 beds of transitional and permanent housing. Employment services are provided through a workforce program that helps veterans return to employment, and veteran households are provided rapid re-housing and homeless prevention services. Mental health and wellness services are available as well, and include individual counseling, group counseling, and substance use treatment.

    alcohol rehab program - Co Occurring Program NV
    1785 East Sahara Avenue
    Las Vegas, NV. 89104

    Phone: 702-486-6000

    Community Counseling Center (CCC) is a private non-profit community based organization that provides substance use and mental health treatment to the Southern Nevada community. CCC is dedicated to helping families stay together, preventing individuals from being unhoused, and working to help clients with substance use disorders reach sobriety. CCC's Co-Occurring Disorders Program offers treatment at a higher level of care for those experiencing mental health challenges in conjuction with substance use. 3- or 5-day versions of the program are available depending on the severity of the client's needs, each of which includes group and individual counseling sessions.

    alcohol rehab facility - We Care Foundation NV
    2216 South 6th Street
    Las Vegas, NV. 89104

    Phone: 702-369-0613

    We Care Foundation's House is a non-profit residential recovery home dedicated to the rehabilitation of women with substance use disorders, regardless of creed, religion, and nationality. The rehabilitation program is based on methodology from the 12-Step program and revolves around group counseling sessions that teach clients to identify character defects, take responsibility for their actions, and learn how to live independently in recovery. Clients are provided with a structured environment that fosters healthy living habits, including daily shared house chores, communal meals, daily meetings, and group outings in order to emphasize the formation of strong bonds essential to successful, long-term sobriety.

    drug rehab facility - New Beginnings Counseling Centers NV
    3675 Pecos McLeod
    Las Vegas, NV. 89121

    Phone: 702-538-7412

    New Beginning Counseling Centers offers medically-supervised substance abuse treatment services that are provided on an outpatient basis to individuals within the area of Las Vegas. These services include methadone maintenance for individuals receiving medication-assisted treatment for their addiction, comprehensive assessments for those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, individual and group counseling, and additional services such as DUI classes and anger management. They accept Medicaid and HPN insurance to make treatment affordable for a wider range of patients.

    alcohol rehab program - Central Recovery Las Vegas NV
    3321 North Buffalo Drive
    Las Vegas, NV. 89129

    Phone: 702-515-8525

    Landmark Recovery Las Vegas is a 64-bed residential treatment center that provides inpatient and outpatient mental health and substance use treatment services for individuals in the Las Vegas community. The center offers four levels of treatment programs: medical detoxification, residential treatment, partial hospitalization programs (PHP), and intensive outpatient treatment. Landmark Recovery Las Vegas provides each patient with an individualized treatment plan that incorporates a variety of therapeutic services including individual, group, & family counseling, behavioral therapy, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), medication & mindfulness therapies, inpatient rehab, health & wellness education, nutrition therapy, fitness & exercise programs, recreational activities, and recovery support.

    drug rehab facility - Vogue Recovery Center LLC NV
    4011 South McLoud Drive
    Las Vegas, NV. 89121

    Phone: 866-619-6184

    Vogue Recovery Center is a rehabilitation facility that provides a full continuum of care for the treatment of substance use and co-occurring disorders. Vogue's Las Vegas rehab center offers every level of addiction treatment including medically monitored detox, inpatient residential treatment, a partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient/outpatient programs, and sober-living residences. Each program utilizes a combination of therapeutic modalities including, individual, group, & family therapy, relapse prevention, case management, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), medication management, and holistic treatments. This location also houses the Valor Program, a specialized program for veterans and first responders providing evidence-based treatment for PTSD and substance use.

    alcohol treatment program - Nestled Recovery Center NV
    2860 South Bronco Street
    Las Vegas, NV. 89146

    Phone: 702-299-6406

    The Nestled Recovery Center is a 10-bed detox and residential facility that offers individualized treatment programs for patients with substance use and co-occurring disorders. Following evaluation patients are offered medical detoxification to achieve stabilization, after which they are encouraged to enroll in further rehabilitation. The intensive, inpatient rehabilitation program is a 30-day program that takes a holistic approach to treatment and utilizes a combination of services including pharmacological therapies, psychotherapies, experiential groups, educational classes, and support groups. An Intensive Outpatient program is also available for patients who cannot make the time commitment of residential treatment, but still require intensive support.

    alcohol treatment program - Freedom Behavioral Health  NV
    3852 Palos Verdes Street
    Las Vegas, NV. 89119

    Like other addiction treatment facilities, Freedom Behavioral Health is dedicated to long term recovery for drug and alcohol addicts living in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. As such, this substance abuse treatment facility has been offering services like group therapy, relapse prevention, activity therapy, trauma-related counseling, group therapy, matrix model and more.

    Further, Freedom Behavioral Health knows that it is essential that its clients receive individualized care to make sure that they get effective results. They specialize in various programs such as housing services, residential beds for client's children, social skills development, active duty military, treatment for spanish-speaking clients, persons with eating disorders and many other modes of treatment that you can find listed in the following section. These services that Freedom Behavioral Health offers are also available in different settings - long term drug treatment, outpatient substance abuse counseling, short term rehabs, inpatient addiction treatment programs, inpatient detoxification facilities and more.

    Not surprisingly, this rehab also has aftercare plans and other treatment methods that can help you find permanent and lasting sobriety both in the short and in the long term. Finally, Freedom Behavioral Health accepts cash or self-payment, private medical insurance, military insurance, sliding fee scale, county or local government funds, access to recovery (atr) voucher and others.

    alcohol rehab facility - WestCare Nevada Inc NV
    1200 Harris Springs Road
    Las Vegas, NV. 89124
    702-872-5382 x61501

    Phone: 702-872-5382 x61501

    WestCare Nevada's Community Involvement Center in Las Vegas provides a continuum of addiction rehab care to patients in the area. They provide intake and assessment services, followed by partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and regular outpatient treatment programs. In addition to addiction treatment, they provide an adult re-entry program, a fatherhood support program, and a family support and education program. Their services are targeted to both men and women and are capable of supporting individuals who suffer from co-occurring mental health disorders.

    drug rehab facility - Desert Hope NV
    3441 South Eastern Avenue
    Las Vegas, NV. 89169

    Phone: 702-545-6438

    Desert Hope Treatment Center in Las Vegas is an upscale drug and alcohol treatment facility located in Las Vegas. Their continuum of care begins with medically-supervised detox as well as a residential sober living facility called Resolutions. Resolutions is a 148-bed inpatient treatment center with shared rooms. The facility can provide specialized programs to handle issues such as co-occurring disorders, along with partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, standard outpatient, and detox services, depending upon patients' level of need. Their treatment approaches include evidence-based practices such as counseling, alternative approaches, and medication-assisted treatment to meet patients' recovery and addiction treatment needs.

    drug treatment facility - Las Vegas Recovery Center NV
    3371 North Buffalo Drive
    Las Vegas, NV. 89129

    Phone: 702-515-1373

    The Las Vegas Recovery Center, now known as Landmark Recovery, is a highly regarded and affordable local drug and alcohol rehab center in Las Vegas. It is also the only authorized residential detox facility in the area. The center provides a full continuum of addiction care that includes residential treatment, partial hospitalization, outpatient treatment, medication-assisted treatment using Suboxone, and a specialized program to support the recovery of members of the military. In an effort to make treatment affordable, Landmark Recovery accepts many insurance plans, provides payment plans, and charges little to no interest for those payment plans.

    alcohol treatment program - Dr Miriam and Sheldon G Adelson NV
    3661 South Maryland Parkway
    Las Vegas, NV. 89169

    Like other addiction treatment centers, Dr Miriam and Sheldon G Adelson is dedicated to ongoing recovery for drug and alcohol addicts living in Las Vegas, NV. and its surrounding areas. As such, this drug and alcohol rehab center has been offering care like group therapy, relapse prevention, activity therapy, trauma-related counseling, group therapy, matrix model and more.

    In Addition, Dr Miriam and Sheldon G Adelson thinks that it is important that its patients receive individual focus and services to make sure that they are successful. They specialize in several programs such as housing services, residential beds for client's children, social skills development, active duty military, treatment for spanish-speaking clients, persons with eating disorders and many other modes of treatment that you can find listed below. These services that the organization provides are also available in different settings - long term treatment programs, outpatient day treatment, short term rehab facilities, inpatient rehab centers, outpatient detoxification facilities and more.

    This rehab also has aftercare plans and programs and other treatment methods that can help you achieve lasting sobriety in the long term. Finally, Dr Miriam and Sheldon G Adelson accepts private pay, private insurance, military insurance, sliding fee scale, county or local government funds, access to recovery (atr) voucher and others.

    alcohol treatment program - Healthy Minds NV
    3551 East Bonanza Road
    Las Vegas, NV. 89110

    Phone: 702-622-2491

    Healthy Minds is a multidisciplinary mental health group that offers varying services for youth and adults to address a number of concerns related to substance use and mental health conditions. Each patient is offered an individualized treatment plan, based on evidence-based comprehensive assessments, to meet the intensity of their needs. Healthy Minds' treatment options include intensive and regular outpatient programs, early intervention programs, a foster care program, and a specialty court program. Each treatment program utilizes a combination of their services including group therapy, individual psychotherapy, family education, case management, recovery support services, and after care services.

    drug treatment program - Partida Corona Medical Center NV
    2950 East Flamingo Road
    Las Vegas, NV. 89121

    Phone: 702-565-6004

    Partida Corona Medical Center is an urgent care center and medical clinic that provides comprehensive direct primary care, treatment for opiate use disorders, and immigration physicals to individuals in the Las Vegas community. Services are available regardless of the patient's insurance status and are offered in both English and Spanish. Partida Corona Medical Center provides medication-assisted treatment for opiate use disorders (OUD), which combines traditional therapeutic methods with suboxone medication management. Treatment plans are individualized based on the needs of the patient, however, upon admission for treatment each patient is required to make a six-month commitment to emphasize full recovery.

    alcohol treatment program - Mind Body Solutions NV
    2725 South Jones Boulevard
    Las Vegas, NV. 89146

    Phone: 702-384-2238

    Mind Body Solutions is an outpatient treatment facility, founded and run by Dr. Lindens, that offers an affordable solution to psychiatry, family counseling, and pain management. Mind Body Solutions utilizes a variety of therapeutic treatment approaches including anger management, brief intervention, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-related counseling, and 12-Step facilitation. Services offered at this facility include individual, family & couples counseling, substance use education, health education services, and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) utilizing buprenorphine and methadone. Ancillary services are also available for case management, domestic violence, social skills development, transportation assistance, and aftercare services.

    drug rehab program - Human Behavioral Institute NV
    2740 South Jones Boulevard
    Las Vegas, NV. 89146

    Phone: 702-248-8866

    Human Behavior Institute (HBI) is a full-service behavioral health organization that provides behavioral health services and employee assistance programs, including Level 1 Adolescent and Adult Outpatient services and Level 2.1 Adult and Adolescent Intensive Outpatient services. Clients receive an individualized and solution-focused treatment plan that utilizes a combination of services including individual counseling, marriage & family counseling, an addiction treatment program, medication evaluation & management, case management, and rehabilitative mental health services. Specialized programs are offered for senior adults (aged 65 and older), children & their families, crisis stabilization for adolescents & adults, and individuals requiring assistance beyond treatment.

    alcohol treatment program - HELP of Southern Nevada NV
    1640 East Flamingo
    Las Vegas, NV. 89119
    702-369-4357 x1826

    Phone: 702-369-4357 x1826

    HELP of Southern Nevada's Shannon West Homeless Youth Center (SWHYC) is a 150-bed facility that provides services for youth, aged 16-24, that are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. SWHYC offers a wide range of services including safe & stable housing, basic needs/food, intensive case management, education assistance, employment assistance, assistance in transitioning to own apartment, addiction & mental health services, health & wellness, financial literacy education, and ancillary support services. SWHYC is also certified, by the State of Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health, to provide Level 1 outpatient treatment and prevention for substance use and co-occurring disorders.

    alcohol treatment facility - Fearless Kind NV
    4315 Helaman Avenue
    Las Vegas, NV. 89120

    Phone: 702-780-0822

    The Fearless Kind is a residential treatment facility for women who face many tupes of addiction. Their holistic treatment approach embraces therapies that address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of drug and alcohol addiction. They also provide participants with addiction education to help them better understand and manage their condition, as well as offer relapse prevention services to help women avoid returning to their addiction after they leave the program. Their programs focus on trauma, wellness, relationships, spirituality, body acceptance, and more. They can also provide treatment for eating disorders in addition to drug and alcohol addiction.

    drug rehab facility - Community Counseling Center NV
    1785 East Sahara Avenue
    Las Vegas, NV. 89104

    Phone: 702-369-8700

    The Community Counseling Center of Nevada provides affordable substance abuse treatment and mental health services to southern Nevada. Their many programs and services focus on mental health, substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, and community health concerns. They also offer specialized treatment for adolescents, individuals who suffer from HIV, and those who are members of the LGBTQ community. Their substance abuse treatment services are evidence-based and consist of intensive outpatient and standard outpatient programs, aftercare support, early intervention, and addiction education in order to support individuals at every stage of their addiction journey.

    drug treatment facility - Choices Group LLC NV
    1785 East Sahara Avenue
    Las Vegas, NV. 89104

    Phone: 702-252-8342

    Choices Group, LLC, is a counseling center in Las Vegas which has been providing its services for more than 30 years. The behavioral health and mental health disorders they address include substance abuse, which they treat with a comprehensive assessment and customized treatment plan that is delivered on an outpatient basis. They also provide a 9-hour-a-week intensive outpatient treatment for individuals who require additional support in combating their addictions. Treatment usually includes individual and group therapy, as well as support for individuals suffering from a co-occurring mental health disorder, and support for families.

    drug rehab facility - Las Vegas Paiute Tribe NV
    1257 Paiute Circle
    Las Vegas, NV. 89106
    702-382-0784 x427

    Phone: 702-382-0784 x427

    Las Vegas Paiute Tribe Health & Human Services is operated by the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe in collaboration with the Indian Health Services that provides medical, dental, optical, and behavioral health outpatient services to all North American Federally Recognized Native American Tribes. The mission is to improve the health status and quality of life for patients by providing culturally appropriate and holistic healthcare. Las Vegas Paiute Tribe Health & Human Services offers outpatient health care and health education, pharmaceutical services, outpatient behavioral health services, vision examinations & optometry services, dental care, and a specialized diabetes program for American Indians and Alaskan Natives.

    alcohol treatment facility - Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health NV
    6161 West Charleston Boulevard
    Las Vegas, NV. 89146

    Phone: 702-486-6000

    The Community Counseling Center of Southern Nevada's many mental health and substance abuse treatment programs include a program designed for individuals who suffer from both a substance use disorder (SUD) and a mental health disorder. This outpatient program provides 3- or 5-day a week options for individuals who require more intensive care due to their dual diagnosis. Focused primarily on counseling, this program uses evidence-based therapies to both educate and treat patients. They also require patients to engage in psychiatric care and provide referrals to psychiatric providers as needed.

      Commonly Asked Questions about Addiction and Treatment

      What can I do to help someone addicted to drugs?

      Learn about addiction: Educate yourself on drug addiction, its causes, symptoms, and treatment options. This knowledge will help you better understand the person's struggles and provide informed support.

      1. Approach with empathy: Start a conversation with the person about their drug use in a non-judgmental and empathetic manner. Express your concerns for their well-being and the impact of their drug use on their life.
      2. Encourage professional help: Encourage the person to seek professional assistance from a medical professional, therapist, or addiction counselor. Offer to help them find suitable resources and provide support as they take steps towards treatment.
      3. Offer emotional support: Be available to listen and provide emotional support throughout the recovery process. Maintain open communication and offer a safe space for the individual to share their experiences and feelings.
      4. Suggest support groups: Recommend joining support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or SMART Recovery, which provide a community of individuals with similar experiences and offer guidance and encouragement throughout the recovery process.
      5. Set boundaries: Establish clear boundaries to protect your own well-being and communicate your expectations about the person's behavior. Be firm yet compassionate, making it clear that you will not enable their drug use.
      6. Assist with lifestyle changes: Help the person develop healthier habits, such as engaging in physical activity, improving their diet, and finding alternative ways to manage stress. Offer to participate in these activities together to provide additional support and motivation.
      7. Be patient: Recovery from drug addiction is a long-term process, and relapses may occur. Understand that setbacks are part of the journey, and continue to offer support and encouragement as the person works towards sobriety.
      8. Care for yourself: Supporting someone with drug addiction can be emotionally taxing. Ensure you are taking care of your own mental and emotional health by seeking support from friends, family, or professional counselors if needed.

      What is the 12 step method for treating addiction?

      "The 12-step method for treating addiction is a structured, peer-based approach that originated with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in the 1930s. Since then, it has been adapted for various other substance use disorders and behavioral addictions, including Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Gamblers Anonymous (GA), and Overeaters Anonymous (OA), among others. The method is based on a set of guiding principles, known as the 12 steps, that outline a path to recovery, personal growth, and spiritual development.

      The 12 steps of the method are as follows:

      1. Admitting powerlessness over the addiction and recognizing that one's life has become unmanageable.
      2. Believing that a higher power (interpreted by each individual according to their beliefs) can restore sanity and provide support in recovery.
      3. Deciding to turn one's will and life over to the care of the higher power.
      4. Conducting a thorough and honest moral inventory of oneself.
      5. Admitting to oneself, the higher power, and another person the exact nature of one's wrongs and shortcomings.
      6. Being ready to have the higher power remove these defects of character.
      7. Humbly asking the higher power to remove one's shortcomings.
      8. Making a list of all the people harmed by one's addiction and being willing to make amends to them.
      9. Making direct amends to those harmed, whenever possible, except when doing so would cause harm to them or others.
      10. Continuing to take personal inventory and promptly admitting when one is wrong.
      11. Seeking to improve one's conscious contact with the higher power through prayer and meditation, asking for knowledge of the higher power's will and the strength to carry it out.
      12. Having experienced a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, carrying the message to others struggling with addiction and practicing these principles in all aspects of life.

      The 12-step method emphasizes the importance of peer support, mutual aid, and the sharing of personal experiences as a means of overcoming addiction. Participants typically attend regular meetings, where they share their stories, listen to others, and work through the steps at their own pace. Many 12-step programs also encourage members to find a sponsor, an experienced member who has worked through the steps and can provide guidance, support, and accountability during the recovery process."

      Should I stay close to my home or go away to treat my addiction?

      The decision of whether to stay close to home or go away for addiction treatment depends on various individual factors and personal preferences. Each option has its own set of advantages and potential drawbacks. Here are some points to consider when making your decision:

      Advantages of staying close to home:

      • Familiar environment: Staying close to home allows you to remain in a familiar environment, which can provide comfort and reduce stress during the initial stages of recovery.
      • Support network: Being near friends and family members can offer emotional support, encouragement, and motivation throughout the treatment process.
      • Accessibility: Local treatment options may be more accessible and affordable, especially if transportation and travel costs are a concern.
      • Continuity of care: Staying close to home may facilitate a smoother transition to aftercare services and ongoing support within your community.

      Potential drawbacks of staying close to home:

      • Triggers and temptations: Staying near home may expose you to environmental triggers and temptations that could increase the risk of relapse.
      • Limited treatment options: Your local area may not offer the specific treatment programs or services that are best suited to your individual needs.

      Advantages of going away for treatment:

      • Fresh start: Traveling to a new location can provide a sense of starting fresh and allow for greater focus on your recovery journey.
      • Distance from triggers: Being away from familiar surroundings may help minimize exposure to triggers and reduce the temptation to use substances.
      • Specialized treatment options: Going away for treatment may provide access to specialized programs or services that are not available in your local area.
      • Privacy and anonymity: Attending treatment in a different location can offer greater privacy and anonymity, which may be important for some individuals.

      Potential drawbacks of going away for treatment:

      • Limited support network: Being away from friends and family might make it challenging to receive emotional support during the recovery process.
      • Increased costs: Traveling for treatment may involve additional expenses, such as transportation and accommodations.
      • Transition to aftercare: Returning to your home community after treatment might make it more difficult to access aftercare services or continue with the same support network.

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