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Drug Prevention

Effective drug prevention is possible if there is a complete understanding about drugs, their effects and consequences. For example, rates of drug use among teenagers has seen a decline in recent years due to the fact that today's youth has a much better understanding about the potential harm that drugs can cause. These youth are therefore more inclined to turn down drugs when offered. If a parent takes the time to talk with their child about the different kinds of drugs that are available, and how dangerous these drugs are, that child will be significantly less likely to use drugs. It is encouraged that parents keep an open line of communication with their child regarding drugs and any other topic as a key to drug prevention. It is important that the child feel safe when approaching their parent on the subject of drugs, so that any questions or problems can be addressed immediately without incident.

Drug Prevention Tips For Kids

When parenting a child who may be exposed to drugs in school or social settings, drug prevention may also consist of providing consul to the child to ensure they don't turn to drugs or alcohol to cover up some problem or issue in their lives. During one's youth, individuals struggle with many social issues and inequities which can be very easily covered up with drugs or alcohol. For example, many youth say they begin using drugs and alcohol to escape school and family pressures, because they have low self-esteem and because they want to fit in with their drug using peers. As part of drug prevention it is a parent's job to ensure that they provide the right amount of emotional and moral support so that their child can feel as though they have a person to turn to for advice and direction, so that they don't turn to the wrong answers.

Drug prevention also has to do a lot with the environment someone is in, and this is particularly true for youth. Teenagers are often exposed to drugs by their peers, and if a parent isn't concerned with whom their child associates with or notices the warning signs of drug use it could turn into a serious problem. If there are environmental factors involved, it may be necessary to provide a change of environment such as putting the child in a different school for example. Parents who have substance abuse problems themselves are less likely to notice any of these warning signs or enforce any sort of rules and guidelines regarding this. This in itself is an environmental factor, because children of alcoholics and drug users are significantly more likely to by substance abusers themselves. Getting help for oneself as a parent involved in substance is therefore a key to drug prevention for one's child.

Drug Prevention For Everyone

Drug prevention doesn't only apply to youth, and there are steps that adults can take in this regard. The same rules apply in fact, and it is important that individuals of all ages understand what prompts substance abuse and what the social, economic and health consequences are when someone abuses drugs. Working to develop alternative coping strategies for life which don't involved drugs and alcohol is a key to drug prevention for both children and adults.

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