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Drug Education

Drug education is the key to turning the tide on drug abuse. However, not all drug education has shown itself to be beneficial. The "Just Say No" program of the 1980s did little to dissuade kids from trying drugs. In fact, the 1990s saw the first increase in drug use amongst young people since the 1970s. Talking down to kids and telling them what to do has never been an effective strategy.

The Best Strategy for Drug Education

Programs that take a different approach to drug education have been seeing some successes. These programs are more focused on telling kids the truth about drugs and arming them with information that will help them make good choices. By talking to kids and young adults from a less prescriptive position, they are finding that kids are more engaged and responsive. Young adults are like sponges and they are eager to soak up information. All the information about drugs out there is enough to teach them what is right and wrong.

If you are looking for a program to address drug education for your school, group, or community, there are a few things you should look for. You should ask the educator what his philosophy about drug education is. You should also ask what experience with drug addiction and prevention he/she has. Inquire about what types of information he/she will be presenting and how kids typically respond to the presentation. If he/she can offer references from other schools or organizations, that is great.

Educators who have struggled with substance abuse themselves are particularly convincing. Kids will have the opportunity to ask questions about what it feels like to be addicted and how hard it is to overcome. The experiences of such an educator can be invaluable to the presentation.

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