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Article Summary


Mushrooms, a.k.a. “Magic Mushrooms” grow wild and have a hallucinogenic-type effect on those who consume them. There are two main types of mushrooms used recreationally, psilocybe semilanceata and amanita muscaria. The most common mushroom species taken recreationally is psilocybe semilanceata or “liberty cap” while the other more potent variety is amanita muscaria or “fly agaric”. There are deadly poisonous species of amanita mushrooms so users are wise to take extreme caution.

Mushroom Side Effects

When a person takes mushrooms the effects can begin to be felt anywhere between 30 minutes ' 2 hours. The most intense part of the user’s experience lasts 4-10 hours depending on how much they have consumed and other personal factors. A person on mushrooms may experience emotional sensitivity and feelings of confidence, relaxation and good spirits. This drug is known for its visual and auditory effects which include: distortions of color sound and objects, getting your senses mixed up thinking that you hear colors and see sounds, slowing down or speeding up time and movement and feeling like you are dreaming when you are truly awake. Taking mushrooms can make the user feel sick, tired and disoriented. They may even experience a “bad trip” where their altered reality appears frightening and unsettling. Additionally, taking mushrooms can complicate any mental health issues the user may have previously been suffering from.

Mushrooms are not an addictive substance. However, users can become tolerant to the drug’s effects and develop cravings and urges to use this drug. Attending a drug rehab for mushroom abuse and addiction is not very common but it can be a substance that leads the user down the road to other drug abuse problems. Stopping mushroom use is an important step in preventing any future drug use issues.

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