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Article Summary


Ultram is the brand name for prescription pain reliever Tramadol, a drug which is commonly used to treat chronic pain such as arthritis. Ultram is available in short-acting and extended release versions, and what type of Ultram is prescribed is typically determined once a physician understands the type and severity of pain the drug is meant to treat. Ultram effects the neurotransmitters in the brain and central nervous system associated with pain. These same areas are also associated with pleasure, and individuals can become high if they take too much Ultram. Because it is an opioid drug, an Ultram high can be very similar if not exactly the same as a heroin high. Much like other opioid prescription drugs, Ultram is often abused by both legitimate prescription holders and by individuals who abuse these types of drugs recreationally.

Ultram Abuse

It is unfortunately very common for individuals who are prescribed Ultram for legitimate pain to begin abusing of the drug. One of the ways this can happen is if the individual develops a tolerance to a certain dose of Ultram and takes more than prescribed to experience pain relief, which can result in either a mild to significant high depending on how much is taken. Much like any other opiate drug, if Ultram is not continuously administered once an individual has become dependent to it the user will experience opiate withdrawal. This is dose related as well, and if the individual tries to go back down to a lower dose they will also experience opiate withdrawal. The symptoms associated with Ultram withdrawal are very similar to heroin withdrawal, leaving the user with an intense craving to use the drug and if not administered at all or at the proper dose the body responds with a number of punishing symptoms some of which can be life threatening.

It is an unfortunate circumstance when someone is simply trying to relieve pain and becomes involved in this type of abuse, and it can happen to someone with absolutely no previous drug history. Patients who are prescribed Ultram are often unaware of these risks because their doctor may not take the time to warn them nor do they do their own research about the drug. Abuse of Ultram is of course much more common among individuals who are currently involved in substance abuse or who have a past history of abusing drugs and alcohol or prescription drugs. For those who do have such a history, Ultram is probably not a suitable option and they may want to consult with their physician about non-opioid based alternatives.

Ultram is also of course a very popular drug of abuse among individuals who abuse opiates such as heroin and prescription opioid pain relievers. If heroin or their drug of choice is not available, Ultram and other prescription pain relievers are always a suitable substitute. Ultram can be snorted or injected much like any other drug of abuse to experience an immediate and intense high, and when administered in these way users put themselves at a much higher risk of a fatal overdose. The risk of overdose is greater among users who are not yet tolerant to opiates or tolerant to the dose of Ultram they have administered. There is no telling how a certain dose of Ultram will affect one person or the next, and so individuals who abuse the drug are playing a very dangerous and deadly game.

Ultram Side Effects

Individuals who are prescribed Ultram and those who abuse it recreationally are putting themselves at risk of serious side effects and overdose if they mix Ultram with other drugs and/or alcohol. Mixing drugs and alcohol is a very common practice among recreational drug users, so these individuals are always playing with fire and many wind up in emergency rooms or dead. Many times, there is no one around to help if something goes wrong when abusing Ultram, or the individual will simply go unconscious and will be unable to summons help themselves if they are experiencing an overdose. These are the risks that individuals take when abusing Ultram, and if they are fortunate enough to get help in time there are things which can be done to reverse the effects of the drug.

One thing that both legitimate and recreational users of Ultram should be aware of is that the drug has been known to cause seizures during the withdrawal period. Someone who has been taking Ultram regularly under any circumstances should never attempt to stop taking the drug cold turkey, and should only do so under the supervision of detox or drug rehab professionals. This will ensure that any negative side effects of Ultram withdrawal can be avoided and if any serious issues do arise during Ultram detox they can be addressed effectively and efficiently. It is better to be safe than sorry even if the individual doesn't believe they are dependent to the drug, because serious seizures can result in coma and death, circumstances which can be avoided when in a proper detox setting.

Ultram Abuse Treatment

Whether an individual was prescribed Ultram for pain and began abusing it or if they abuse it recreationally, abuse of powerful drugs such as Ultram is only going to result in negative and often disastrous consequences. Individuals who abuse prescription drugs such as Ultram often justify this behavior by saying it isn't like other drugs because it was prescribed by a doctor. These are people who are living a life of denial and who need help the most. If someone you know is living a lie and destroying their lives and the lives of others because of Ultram abuse, there are treatment solutions available to help them overcome dependence and addiction to the drug. Inpatient and residential drug rehab programs which treat opiate addiction and/or prescription drug addiction are going to provide the best outcome for someone who is involved in Ultram abuse. These drug rehab programs safely detox Ultram dependent individuals and then work to rehabilitate them so that they can move on with their lives without turning to any type of drug in the future.

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