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Article Summary


Today, spice is more than just aromatic or pungent vegetable substances used to flavor food. In the world of recreational drug use “spice” is referring to a wide variety of herbal mixtures said to create experiences similar to marijuana. These products are marketed as “safe” legal alternatives to using pot. Spice is sold under numerous names: K2, fake weed, Yucatan Fire, Skunk, Moon Rocks the list goes on' It is important to note that directly printed on the label of these products is the warning “not for human consumption”. Inside a package of spice are dried, shredded plant material coated with chemical additives. It is the chemical additives that are responsible for the substances mind-altering effects.

Spice Side Effects

Spice is typically smoked; there are those who prepare the product as a herbal infusion for drinking. Users report their experiences on spice as being similar to using marijuana ' elevated mood, feelings of relaxation and an altered perception. For some, the effects of spice are even stronger than those of marijuana with users remarking that they have experienced feelings of anxiety, paranoia and hallucinations while on spice.

As with marijuana, spice users can develop a dependence on the drug’s effects. While they may not become physically addicted to this substance, users often begin to rely on the effects of spice to escape from their day to day problems. Attending a drug rehab is an excellent way to prevent a spice abuse problem from developing into something worse, spice addiction. Getting help for one’s spice use problem is highly beneficial for the drug abuser and those who love and care about them. This will work to nip the problem in the bud before it flourishes out of control and goes far beyond spice use. '

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