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Article Summary


What is Salvia? While you may have never heard of Salvia Divinorum, the youth and young adults in your home probably have. According to the NY Times, Salvia is getting as much use as Ecstasy and far more use than LSD. This plant has psychoactive properties and induces dissociative effects in those who use it. Because of these effects this drug is also known as “Diviner’s Sage or Seer’s Sage” among shaman and spiritual healers who use it to induce visionary states of consciousness. This plant is a native within the cloud forest located in Sierra Mazateca of Oaxaca, Mexico. It grows freely in shady and moist locations reaching over a meter high. The plant itself has hollow square stems, large leaves and occasional white flowers.

Salvia Side Effects

Drug abusers are smoking, chewing or taking a tincture of it in their mouth. The user will experience visions, fascinating psychoactive effects, sensual enhancement, possible feelings of time travel, philosophical insights and perhaps spiritual experiences. When the substance is smoked the effects of Saliva come on very quickly, in less than a minute and the strong effects only last five to six minutes and quickly taper off after twenty to thirty minutes. If the user chooses to chew the leaves of the plant they will experience the effects after about fifteen minutes, peaking at around thirty minutes after being chewed. These peak effects last between thirty minutes to a hour and then taper off over the next thirty minutes to a hour. When taken as a tincture it is held in the mouth and the effects begin in ten to fifteen minutes. These effects quickly develop to a peak level that last twenty to forty minutes. The effects then gradually diminish over an additional thirty minutes to an hour. No matter how the user chooses to take Saliva it important that they do not drive or use machinery for at least a hour after the effects have gone away.

While Saliva is illegal here in the United States, several states have passed laws criminalizing the substance. This substance is not considered addictive yet has the potential for abuse. When taken recreationally it can cause negative effects in the user and has the potential to do harm with its hallucinogenic properties. Those who abuse this drug are likely to have the opportunity to abuse other more toxic substances that are considered highly addictive and dangerous. Putting an end to Saliva use and abuse is important to prevent future drug use problems from arising. '

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