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What is the Cost of a Drug Rehab?

When someone is in need of drug rehab for a substance abuse problem, the cost of rehab is often an issue. Most people who are at the point where they need rehab have exhausted all resources on their drug or alcohol habit, and may have even lost employment and therefore have no private health coverage. Some of the more effective programs can be costly, so it can seem like an insurmountable obstacle to pay for rehab even though one needs it badly.

Private and Publically Funded Insurance

The good news is many of the very best drug rehab programs are either covered through private health insurance, state or other health insurance, or may even offer payment assistance to those who qualify. The ultimate cost of a drug rehab is going to depend on how much is covered through one's private health insurance plan or other type of insurance the individual has, and how much will have to be paid for out of pocket. For example, some drug rehab programs are covered in full through Medicaid or Medicare or other state insurance. In most cases however, the programs covered by these types of health insurance aren't necessarily the program which is best suited for the individual. Meaning, individuals who don't have private health insurance but have some other type of publicly funded insurance may not have as many options to choose from. There are options to choose from however, it may just be a matter of making sure to find the absolute best one within one's insurance guidelines.

As stated before, having a solid private health insurance plan is as good as gold when it comes to finding a quality drug rehab program. In some cases, the entire stay in drug rehab isn't covered but a good portion of it is. The individual will just typically have to self pay for a stay which is longer than what is ordinarily needed. For example, if someone is approved through their private insurance company to stay up to 90 days in a private drug rehab program, any time spent in the facility following the 90 days may have to be paid for through self pay. In some cases, private health insurance companies can be persuaded to cover an extended stay if deemed necessary by treatment professionals, so it is always worth a shot.

Payment Assistance

There are also ways of lowering the cost of drug rehab if an individual will have to fully or partially self pay for a quality drug rehab program. Payment assistance in the form of sliding scale fees is something offered every day from drug rehabs around the country, who are accustomed to helping individuals get help who would otherwise not be able to afford it. A sliding scale fee is a payment assistance option which bases the ultimate cost of treatment on each person's unique circumstances. For example, someone may make a certain level of income but have several dependants. This is all taken into account when determining the cost of treatment for that particular person. Also, some drug rehab programs help individuals finance their treatment, much like financing a new house or car. Even if the potential client has bad credit and won't be able to get a line of credit for treatment, a family member may be able to. These are all sacrifices that will need to be made to save the person's life. And while it may be a big commitment, the alternative of having the individual stuck in a life of addiction and possibly losing their life to drugs or alcohol certainly puts things into perspective.

Effectiveness is More Important than Cost

The important thing to take into consideration when trying to figure out how to pay for drug rehab is that this is a simple logistic that needs to be taken care of, and individuals shouldn't choose the cheapest option just because it seems convenient. Some of the more effective drug rehab programs can cost up to $30,000 because the individual is an inpatient or residential client for several months. However, this all pays off when the individual is rehabilitated and is confident that they can really make a fresh start. So if self pay if the only option, and insurance is not an option, family members can often come together to find solutions to pay for effective drug rehab for their loved ones. The important thing to remember is that there are always solutions, and everyone deserves a shot at truly becoming rehabilitated so that can have a happy and healthy life.

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