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Article Summary

The Detox Process

Detox is a process that an individual who has been abusing drugs or alcohol will inevitably go through as these substances are purged from the body. Whether someone has been using drugs or alcohol for only a short time or over an extended period of time, detox is going to result in certain physical symptoms as the person's system re-acclimates to normal function without drugs or alcohol. What these symptoms will feel like and how long they will last as the person detoxes from drugs or alcohol depends on which substance the person has been abusing, at what dosage and for how long. Most often, detox only lasts a few days or a week and individuals who are in a drug rehab program move forward in their treatment which can last significantly longer. A comprehensive treatment program isn't only helping an individual through detox, but helping them address the causes of their addiction so that they can avoid relapse and move forward in life without the fear or possibility of turning to drugs or alcohol again in the future.

Seek Professional Detoxification Services

Unfortunately, some individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol try and detox on their own, convinced that if they can just become abstinent all will be well. For most people who attempt to detox themselves on their own, this is not the outcome, and the majority of these individuals will relapse and fall even deeper into their addiction. This is also not a safe solution, because there are risks involved when detoxing from drugs, prescription drugs, and alcohol. For example, if someone has been an alcohol for several months or years it is completely unsafe to stop drinking without medical assistance or with the help of detox professionals. Detoxing from alcohol can result in a myriad of life threatening symptoms which can all be kept at bay in a professional detox setting, so there is no need for anyone to take the risk and detox themselves. Likewise, certain prescription drugs present similar risks and no one should ever quit taking any type of medical drug cold turkey without professional and medical assistance. So even if someone has the best of intentions and wants to quit on their own, it is best left in the hands of treatment professionals who can avoid any serious symptoms which could threaten their lives.

While detox symptoms as an individual withdraws from alcohol or their drug of choice can seem unbearable, most can be either completely eliminated or made significantly less severe with the help of treatment professionals. Whether medication needs to be administered to avoid life threatening symptoms, or simple common sense measures can be taken to make the person more comfortable, treatment professionals know how to make detox as smooth and safe a process as possible.

Medication Assisted Detox

Some detox facilities administer drugs to help individuals avoid withdrawal symptoms which aren't life threatening, such as the symptoms which result from opiate withdrawal. Treatment clients should be aware of the fact that while the drugs used in these types of facilities may help them avoid opiate withdrawal symptoms, they will very likely be stuck on the medical drugs used to accomplish this. This will then become an everyday habit and expense, so it is advisable that opiate dependent clients avoid the "easy way out" and seek a drug free detox which should then be followed up with extensive treatment in an inpatient or residential drug rehab program. This is far more effective treatment solution and one which gives them an actual drug free life in the future.

Seek Rehabilitation after Detox

Some symptoms may persist for a while, even after acute physical symptoms have passed, such as drug and alcohol cravings for example. Individuals not only develop a physical dependence to drugs and alcohol but in most cases an emotional and psychological dependence as well. So following detox and once the individual is physically stabilized, it is crucial that they follow up with an extensive treatment program so that they are emotionally and psychologically prepared for the future. It is important to find out why someone turned to drugs or alcohol in the first place, which often takes weeks if not months of digging. Long-term inpatient and residential drug rehab programs are the premiere treatment option for this reason, and these programs abound and are covered through most private health insurance plans.

If you need to detox from drugs or alcohol or know someone who does, be safe about it and detox is a professional setting where your best interests are always in mind. Contact a detox facility or drug rehab programs in your area for more details on how to get started today.

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