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Article Summary

Sober Living

Sober living describes types of facilities where individuals who are recovering from substance abuse can find a drug and alcohol-free and safe place to reside while they recover from substance abuse. Sober living provides an affordable environment to live in until individuals in recovery have these types of things in order, as many will have lost everything in the course of their addiction. While sober living is a transitional circumstance and often a necessity during this crucial time following rehab, it is also an opportunity for individuals to maintain a strong support system while they transition. It can greatly benefit individuals who are in recovery so that they can be associated with individuals who are choosing to lead a health and drug free life as well, instead of others who may compromise their abstinence and sobriety.

Cost of Sober Living

Most sober living facilities are privately owned, meaning they are not funded through government grants or other means. They must turn some sort of profit to keep their doors open. Because of this, most sober living facilities much charge a small fee for individuals to reside there, but at far lower of a rate than someone would pay to rent an apartment or house. Because of this, it is a very suitable option for individuals who simply have nowhere to go but want to be in an environment which will foster their transition back into the real world and support their recovery. There are some social benefits which may be available through local programs to pay for someone's stay in a sober living facility, and individuals are encouraged to check with their treatment counselors to see if such options are available.

Sober Living Rules

Sober living facilities are typically part of a larger network of such facilities which are continuously monitored for quality and standards. This ensures that residents in a sober living facility are provided with the safe and sober environment they deserve, which will greatly aid in their recovery. There are rules which must be followed in a sober living facility, but most are common sense rules and understandable curfews which help the facility operators ensure everyone is staying on the straight and narrow. Minor infractions will typically result in a warning while major violations such as drug use will result in immediate dismissal from the sober living facility.

Sober living residents are also encouraged to do everything possible to develop a plan to move on to more permanent housing, pursue employment and/or further education, and do everything else possible so they can be self sufficient and independent and move on from sober living. At some point, residents who follow the rules and keep a positive outlook will take the steps necessary to move out of sober living and be able to make a fresh drug free start for themselves.

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