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Drug Rehab Greer South Carolina

Find Drug Rehabilitation and Alcohol Rehab Programs in Greer

There are several drug rehab options available to individuals living in the Greer area. It is important to understand each treatment option that is available in Greer, South Carolina, in order to choose the appropriate treatment approach for yourself or a loved one. Choosing the proper drug or alcohol rehab program in Greer, SC. is the most important factor in the treatment of drug abuse, drug addiction and alcoholism. The following information will help you to understand your various treatment options so that you have the greatest chance of a successful outcome.

Let's take a look at the various treatment options that coincide with the condition of the individual seeking treatment.

Outpatient drug or alcohol rehab programs do not require patients to reside in a treatment facility during the treatment process; therefore, employment and home activities can continue during the treatment process. Typically, outpatient treatment is a method employed only in the case of moderate drug and/or alcohol use, that has not advanced to the stages of dependence or addiction.

An inpatient alcohol and drug rehab program is the correct treatment method for severe cases of drug addiction and alcoholism. Unlike out-patient rehab programs which can leave an individual susceptible to continually relapsing, inpatient drug and alcohol rehabs offer a controlled, safe environment where a person can get maximum benefit in the recovery process.

Short term drug and alcohol rehabs are inpatient treatment programs which are best suited for people that have reached the stage of addiction but the addiction stage is a year or less. The typical length of stay is 30 days or less in an inpatient treatment facility. Because of the brief duration of a short-term rehab program, people that have struggled with a severe addiction for years do not usually benefit from this method of treatment.

Long term drug and alcohol rehab provides treatment for people that have developed advanced stages of drug addiction and alcoholism. This is the only method of treatment that has shown to be effective for long term advanced cases of addiction. Long term drug and alcohol rehab programs are 60 to 90 days and longer.

Research studies show conclusively that the longer a severe drug or alcohol addicted person stays in treatment, the better the outcome. As such, the benefits of a long term drug or alcohol rehab should be taken into serious consideration when deciding upon treatment for a long term severe addiction problem.

A dual diagnosis drug or alcohol rehab may be the correct choice if one suspects that the person that is addicted to a drugs and/or alcohol due to an underlying mental health issue. Co-existing conditions are very common and both can be treated through a regime of detoxification, drug or alcohol rehabilitation, and therapy.

According to the National Association of Diaconate Directors, dual-diagnosis rehab centers should use a variety of therapy when treating those with this condition. Cognitive-behavioral therapy teaches the drug or alcohol abuser how to better deal with their thoughts and behaviors regarding their condition. Behavior management is an additional form of therapy which centers on their behaviors and actions concerning their substance abuse.

Drug or alcohol detoxification is a process that deals with the mental and physical withdrawal symptoms that are brought on when a drug or alcohol addicted person stops using the substance they are dependent on abruptly. The severity of these withdrawal symptoms is dependent upon the type of substance or substances the person is addicted to and how long they have been using. Most often, detox has a duration of 3 days to a week but in some cases such as methadone and suboxone it can be much longer.

It is important to realize that for addiction, detox is only the first step of addressing the problem. Drug and alcohol addiction is a complex problem, psychological symptoms may persist long after physical addiction symptoms have passed. Individuals not only develop a physical dependence to drugs and alcohol but in most cases, emotional and psychological dependence as well. Detox should be followed with an extensive treatment program so that the individual is emotionally and psychologically prepared for the future.

As you can imagine, one doesn't want too many failures piling up due to choosing incorrect treatment options, as the person will become hopeless and give up altogether. So it is vital to understand your options and seek the proper level of care for the severity of the substance abuse problem.

The following are a combination of 2 local drug rehab listings and 2 nearby drug rehab listings for Greer, South Carolina:

Carolina Center for Behavioral Health

2700 East Phillips Road
Greer, SC. 29650

If you would like to contact Carolina Center for Behavioral Health, you can reach them at (864) 235-2335.

Website: http://www.thecarolinacenter.com

Type of Care:
Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services, Detoxification, Buprenorphine Used In Treatment, Naltrexone (oral)
Service Setting:
Hospital Inpatient, Partial Hospitalization/Day Treatment, Outpatient, Outpatient Methadone/Buprenorphine or Vivitrol, Outpatient Day Treatment or Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Hospital Inpatient Detoxification, Hospital Inpatient Treatment
Payment Types Accepted:
Cash or Self-Payment, Medicaid, Medicare, Private Health Insurance, Military Insurance (e.g., Tricare)
Special Programs Offered:
Persons With Co-Occurring Mental And Substance Abuse Disorders, Seniors Or Older Adults, Adolescents
Age Groups Accepted:
Children/Adolescents, Adults
Gender Accepted:
Female, Male
Language Services:
Services For The Hearing-Impaired
Facility Operation:
Private Organization

Piedmont Center for MH Services Greer Mental Health Clinic

220 Executive Drive
Greer, SC. 29651

If you would like to contact Piedmont Center for MH Services, you can reach them at 864-879-2111.

Type of Care:
Mental Health Treatment
Service Setting:
Partial Hospitalization/Day Treatment, Outpatient, Outpatient Mental Health Facility
Treatment Approaches:
Individual Psychotherapy, Couple/family Therapy, Group Therapy, Cognitive/behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Behavior Modification, Trauma Therapy, Activity Therapy
Payment Types Accepted:
Cash or Self-Payment, Medicaid, Medicare, State Financed Health Insurance Plan Other Than Medicaid, Private Health Insurance, Military Insurance (e.g., Tricare), State Mental Health Agency Funds, State Welfare or Child And Family Services Funds, Other State Funds, County or Local Government Funds, Community Service Block Grants, Community Mental Health Block Grants, U.S Department of VA Funds
Special Programs Offered:
Children With Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED), Persons With Serious Mental Illness (SMI), Persons With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Age Groups Accepted:
Children/Adolescents, Young Adults, Adults, Seniors (65 Or Older)
Language Services:
Services For The Hearing-Impaired, Spanish
Smoking Policy:
Smoking Allowed In Designated Area
Emergency Mental Health:
Psychiatric Emergency Walk-In Services
Facility Operation:
State Mental Health Authority

Pavillion Greenville Outpatient Services

(Greenville is 7.2 miles from Greer)

101 Pelham Commons Boulevard
Greenville, SC. 29615

If you would like to contact Pavillion Greenville, you can reach them at 864-241-6688.

Website: http://www.pavillon.org

Type of Care:
Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services, Naltrexone (oral)
Service Setting:
Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Regular Outpatient Treatment
Payment Types Accepted:
Cash or Self-Payment, Private Health Insurance
Special Programs Offered:
Adult Women
Age Groups Accepted:
Young Adults, Adults
Gender Accepted:
Female, Male
Facility Operation:
Private Organization

Miracle Hill Renewal Center

(Greenville is 8.2 miles from Greer)

19 Graves Drive
Greenville, SC. 29609

If you would like to contact Miracle Hill Renewal Center, you can reach them at 864-242-2166.

Website: http://www.miraclehill.org

Type of Care:
Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services
Service Setting:
Residential, Long Term Drug Rehab
Payment Types Accepted:
No Payment Accepted, Payment Assistance (Check With Facility For Details)
Special Programs Offered:
Adult Women
Age Groups Accepted:
Young Adults, Adults
Gender Accepted:
Facility Operation:
Private Organization

Local listings for Greer, South Carolina:

Drug Addiction is not easy to overcome alone. Support Groups like Narcotics Anonymous help provide a safe environment for recovering Drug Addicts. Here is a list of NA meetings in Greer, South Carolina:

226 Oakland Avenue
Greer, SC. 29650

Sunday - 7:30 PM
Tuesday - 7:30 PM
Wednesday - 7:30 PM
202 Victoria Street
Greer, SC. 29651

Monday - 8:00 PM
Thursday - 8:00 PM
2792 South Old Highway 14
Greer, SC. 29650

Monday - 6:30 PM
Thursday - 6:30 PM
Saturday - 8:00 PM 10:30 PM
105 South Line Street
Greer, SC. 29651

Friday - 8:00 PM

Alcoholism can destroy a family and loved ones. Groups like Al-Anon provide support and help to families who have been affected by alcohol addiction. Below is a list of Al-Anon meetings in Greer, South Carolina:

1400 Locust Hill Road
Greer, SC.

Thursday - 7:00 PM

Drug Overdose is dangerous and potentially fatal. In the event you or someone you know is having a drug overdose, get them immediately to a hospital for medical assistance. The following hospitals are located in Greer, South Carolina:

Allen Bennett Hospital
313 Memorial Drive
Greer, SC 29650-1521
(864) 848-8200
Carolina Center For Behav Hlth
2700 East Phillips Road
Greer, SC 29650-4816
(864) 968-6300

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Facts About Greer

Greer, South Carolina is the site of the only BMW manufacturing facility in North America.
Greer, South Carolina was founded by James Manning Greer, a man from the Clan McGregor whose heritage traces from Scotland, through Ireland. Many of his descendants still live in the region.
The area now known as Greer, South Carolina was once part of the "Domain of the Cherokees" previous to the American Revolutionary War. In 1777, the city was added to the state of South Carolina.
City Stadium in Greer, South Carolina is a Works Project Administration project completed in 1938, and currently seats 3,000.
In 2012, the City of Greer, South Carolina successfully restored the Cannon Centre, a former National Guard armory that later became a basketball gym, and the facility was originally built in 1936.

DEA Info For South Carolina

Mexican DTOs are the most common sources for heroin in the city of Columbia, South Carolina. Interstate 20 is frequently used route heroin into this area.
There were 256 drug violation arrests in South Carolina in 2007.
MDMA in South Carolina is found primarily at private parties, fitness facilities, clubs, school/college campuses, and associated "hang-outs."
From Mexico and the Southwest Border States, traffickers travel daily through South Carolina on I-20 and I-85 to supply northeastern states with cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, and heroin.
Typically, users of MDMA in South Carolina are between the ages of 16 and 25 in the middle-to-upper-middle-class economic bracket, and may be college students or young professionals.
Methamphetamine manufacturing and trafficking has shown a steady decline over the past two years throughout South Carolina from 2005 to 2007.

Drug Facts

A popular method of mixing meth with other substances is to combine methamphetamine with other stimulant substances such as caffeine or cathine into a pill known as a "Kamikaze", which is particularly dangerous due to the synergistic effects of multiple stimulants on the heart.
Between 2002 and 2004, past-month marijuana use declined for male youths aged 12 to 17 (9.1% in 2002, 8.6% in 2003, and 8.1% in 2004), but it remained level for female youths (7.2%, 7.2%, and 7.1%, respectively) during the same time span.
Cheese is the slang name for a mixture of black tar heroin and Tylenol PM. The substances are combined and come out looking much like parmesan cheese. The resulting product is sold for as little as $2 per hit. Kids in the Dallas-area are buying "cheese" with their lunch money, according to media reports. They’re snorting the stuff up their noses – often at school – and dying in alarming numbers, according to the Dallas County medical office. A recent study by the Dallas Independent School district determined that more than 5,000 kids have tried cheese. More than two dozen have died of overdoses.
The traditional distinction between "soft" and "hard" drugs is actually meaningless. All mind-altering, addictive drugs are dangerous in their own way, and the "soft" drugs have ruined, wrecked, and destroyed lives just as have the "hard" drugs. For example, alcohol is arguably the most dangerous drug in terms of annual social consequences, and causes damage that ranges beyond the physical damage to the user, in the form of drunk driving injuries and deaths, alcohol-related spousal or child abuse, and more ordinary tragedies like the loss of relationships and careers due to drinking. The distinction between softer vs. harder drugs ignores the important fact that any addictive drug poses significant danger to the addicted person.

Greer, South Carolina

Greer, SC Profile

Greer, SC, population 16,843 , is located in South Carolina's Greenville county, about 80.8 miles from Charlotte and 94.0 miles from Columbia.

In the 90's the population of Greer has grown by about 63%. It is Estimated in recent years the population of Greer has been growing at an annual rate of 4.5 percent.

Reports show that during 2003 property crime levels in the Greer area were higher than South Carolina's average. The same data shows violent crime levels to be higher than the South Carolina average.

Greer Statistics Greer Gender Information

Males in Greer: 8,006 (48%)
Females in Greer: 8,837 (52%)

As % of Population in Greer

Race Diversity in Greer

White: 73%
African American: 19%
Asian: 1%
Other/Mixed: 7%

As % of Population in Greer

Age Diversity in Greer

Median Age in : 33.7 (Males in : 31.9, Females in : 35.5)

Males Under 20: 14% Females Under 20: 14% Males 20 to 40: 17% Females 20 to 40: 16% Males 40 to 60: 11% Females 40 to 60: 12% Males Over 60: 6% Females Over 60: 11%

Economics in Greer

Household Average Size: 2.47 people
Median Household Income: $ 33,140
Median Value of Homes: $ 92,600

Law Enforcement in Greer

Reported crimes in the area during 2003:

Murder and non-negligent man-slaughter: 6
Forcible rape: 12
Robbery: 27
Aggravated assault: 60
Violent crime events per 100,000 people: 555

Burglary: 107
Larceny-theft: 535
Motor vehicle theft: 60
Arson: 5
Property crime events per 100,000 people: 3,710

Greer Location Information
Elevation: 1,016 feet above sea level. Land Area: 5.0 Square Miles.

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